Sunday, June 22, 2008

When it pays to be a knitter

In my last post I alluded to feeling a bit guilty about procrastinating on other people's knitting. The other people's knitting is mainly orders for my SweetP Designs - my little knitting pocketmoney hobby/not really a business thing I have going. It's been pretty quiet for most of this year which has suited me just fine as I have lots of knitting of my own I wanted to do anyway. But in the past few weeks there has a been lots of interest and I'm now flat out making things for orders and have sold most of my existing stock on Trademe. It's not exactly an income but it keeps me in yarn money ;)

sweetp wips

So if there are lots of not-knitting posts from me over the next wee while it's because I'm busy working on 'business' knitting (which isn't that interesting for blog readers!).

I'm also really excited because I was also approached by Tweedle - an online nappy store to stock SweetP - check it out here! Thanks Rachael for the opportunity.

Since I'm going to be busy busy busy on that front Wicked has to be relegated to snooze while I finish stocking up. It's almost looking like a top now....


Excuse the I just got out of the shower look

I'm very pleased with it so far. The yarn is great for this design and it shows off the twisty rib neckline perfectly. It also looks like its going to be a great fit - I was so keen to get started I didn't do the swatch thing (I know...I am a naughty knitter) and just figured one size up would be Ok (pattern is for aran and I'm using DK). The colour has come out brighter in these photos - it's actually deeper and more like the pics from yesterday's post.



PrincessPea said...

Wicked is looking great so far, and I absoluely love your star trouser and t-shirt set. I, for one, am definitely interested in your 'work' knitting; it's great to hear of someone making money from their hobby, and what you are making is so darned cute!

nova_j said...

oo that looks like it's gonna be nice! :D

Anonymous said...

That blue is going to look stunning on you :D and YAY for sweet p knits- you are very talendted :D

amanda said...

I can see why the orders are coming in fast. The pink set is so cute. Congratulations on the Tweedle thing too!

Jenny said...

I just love the pink pants.
Well done for making some money out of your knitting. I just seem to spend money on wool!!