Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Just a reminder... competition closes soon! I'll close this off when I check my email tomorrow morning. So still a bit of time if you want to enter and win some cool stuff!

Great to see some new people leaving comments too.

There are some great blogs in the comments so go check them out! I've added them all to my reader already hehe. I'm going to spend an evening going through all the wonderful pattern suggestions too! Thanks everyone for all the great new ideas :)

My turn...

Here's my suggestion for a blog you might enjoy - taking pleasure in the small things


And a baby pattern I'd like to make one day is Presto Chango which is a neat design for a jeresy with an interchangeable front panel.

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Anonymous said...

Gabes that is gorgeous Miss E will look lovely in it and keep her warm :-)

All your work is beautiful I enjoy reading your blog.

Nicky TNN