Saturday, June 7, 2008

Love is...


An alternate title for this post could well be "A lesson in patience" - I paid them off slowly. Or perhaps "Well worth the wait" - I'll never go back to my mismatch of straight needles now!

Thank you to Vintage Purls for the most excellent service - the place to go for Knit Picks needles in NZ!!

I've putting them to good use, transferring all my current WiPs


I couldn't be happier with them - the perfect weight/smoothness/warmth and pointiness. And oh so pretty...... Ahhhhh....knitting bliss!


Anonymous said...

WOW totally cool needles Gabes!!!

Anonymous said...

oooooooooh soooo jealous :) Serious needle envy (insert drooly smiley here) nope nope must be good and save my airfare turn away, nope Leah don't click on the be continued LOL

PrincessPea said...

I've often thought how beautiful these look. Do they really feel as good as they look?