Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The one that jumped the queue

My CPH is lovely. It's knitting up nice and all that. It's just,'s taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r

I am the queen of one skein, little things, mittens, hats and baby stuff. I like quick results, instant gratification. I'm all about the FO ...right now!

So knitting a big adult size something was always going to be a big undertaking for me. I am plodding along with it. Not as much as I would like because I have other things I want and need to do as well. At the moment its a hoodless CP vest. Once I get some 5mm circulars I'm going to do the sleeves together - then I'll be on the home straight with just the hood and finishing to go. I'd really like to wear it this winter so I'm going to flag everything else next month and plow ahead with it.

Unfortunately my desire to knit an actual something for me hasn't lessened in the meantime.

So I let one jump the queue.


I don't really "need" a shrug. I'm not even sure why.... but I just had to! I just couldnt resist this colourway of my at-the-moment-favourite-yarn Jet . 4hrs of knitting later I had an FO.


The paua button finished it off perfectly

The pattern is from the one skein wonders website. I knit this on 6.5mm so the fabric is very soft and lofty. Quite gorgeous to touch, I keep picking it up just to admire the softness and pretty colours

I tried all day to take a self potrait - not a happening thing - much better to wait until Miss 6 gets home from school - she does a fine job


BTW. 'that' rumour about Jet isn't true!! Hoorah! Just some colours of Jet are being discontinued not the yarn itself. Yay!! (yip I am that much of a geek I emailed Paton's Australia)


Sharonnz said...

Thanks for easing my mind over the Jet, lol. Love the shrug...still deeply immersed in my Hourglass Sweater though;-)

sue said...

The shrug looks cute. I think the hood on the CPH takes the longest, at least it did for me.

kv said...

i'd say that shrug was a worthwhile diversion--hurray for selfish knitting in the best sense of the term!

Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous - so cutesy on ya :D there is no way I'd finish something in 4 hours lol :D reminds me gotta book my flights for my knitting holiday lol :D Actually gotta stop spending money so I can buy the ticket hehe :D

Diane said...

Your shrug is so cute. I'm so impressed that you made it in four hours!

Sonia said...

This looks great! I have been looking at patterns on Ravelry all afternoon trying to find something quick yet interesting to knit and came up with nothing inspiring. Then I saw this! Mind if I make one too?

sweetp said...

You go for it sonia!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww that is so cool. I love knitting with Jet too nice and quick :D