Sunday, June 22, 2008

Koha Fairy alive and well


Look what turned up in my letterbox yesterday. The scrummiest yarn!! and this very clever little pin/brooch (which is going to look very cool on my winter coat).... And a lovely little card which said my pressie was from the Koha Fairy.

Cept I'm too good at the old detective work and guessed it was Nikki. Do you read her blog? V.E.R.Y funny (in a good way Nikki!) and one of my favs. She also knits! Isn't she a's a welcome back to *the city* present just for me.

I'm so blown away. Thank you Nikki. You are such a sweetie.

I'm off to Ravelry now to queue some ideas for this lovely yarn....stay tuned.....

PS. Just realised you non-NZ folk won't know what koha is.... its a Maori word which has made its way into everyday NewZealand speak means a gift or present


nova_j said...

wow cool pressie! yay for nikki! :D

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

oooo a post about meeeeee.

clearly not an entirely altruistic act if i get this much joy about a post mentioning me. ha.