Monday, June 9, 2008

Finished Fish Finally!!

I had to go back through my blog archives to check when I actually started this. Turns out it was February. The knitting part was very quick and didn't take 4 months really. Just it took me that long to find some suitable beads.


So cute!! This is from Zoe Mellor's Knitted Toys book that I had from the library. I did make one small modification to the tail so that I could knit all in one piece. I also added a bell to one of the fish.


This was such a great project to use up some little leftovers in my stash. No orange in my stash though so I ended up buying a ball of Spotlight's Basic Wool in orange to knit an extra fish because I didn't think the colour combo without it was quite right. I'm using the rest of the ball to knit another toy (coming soon).


I have like a million pregnant friends at the moment (well probably not a million but I am 'that age' when everyone seems to be doing the baby thing...we started early hehe)so this will go in my new baby gift box.

I might just have to make another one, it's so cute!


PrincessPea said...

That is so gorgeous - lucky baby who gets to gaze at it!

Sharonnz said...

Love it - and the colour combo!

Sonia said...

These are great! Love the color combo.

macca said...

WOW awesome fish mobile - That is one very lucky bubba

styler said...

that is just so cutie