Saturday, November 27, 2010


I think it wants to be a citron shawl --> Malabrigo Lace in "Olive"

And this is calling for stripey plain socks for me. Tri'Coterie Merino/Tencel sock yarn in "Lafayette". Tri'Coterie yarns are delicious and available on etsy.


I have a very dear friend in France (who I have yet to meet...hopefully 2011!) who sends me packages of pure love. Both these skeins were accompanied by enough audio and e-books to last me a lifetime, a beautiful dyed playsilk scarf AND a little MP3 player. Generous doesnt go anywhere near how wonderful Maylin is. Thank you sweetheart.

The internet is a strange but wonderful thing, no?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know!! It's been too long. I could write a long list of excuses but really, I don't know what happened. My knitting/blogging/crafting mojo just up and left me one day.

But I'm here. I'm crafting again. And buying yarn, too. Who knows, maybe I won't leave it a year before I post again.

Saroyan in Needlefood 5ply Silky Toes Blend (Wool/Silk/Bamboo) - "Morning Sky"

Fish Hat - Dead or Alive?

Knitsch sock yarn - my "will be my xmas present" from the kids. Colourway is Mansfield Revisited.

Blue Lagoon from Joy of Yarn which is going to be a Multnomah Shawl for my great-aunt for Christmas.

If anyone is still reading, stop by and say hello!