Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blanket of Knitted Love and Strength

Last night I knit a small 15 x 15cm square. On its own the square is nothing much but once its sewn together with lots of other squares it will be a snuggly and warm blanket to comfort a little boy who has a long hospital stay ahead. My square might be boring garter stitch but its soft and warm and it was knit with lots of love. The lovely Sharonnz is organising and co-ordinating a knitted blanket project for a friend who has just had the kind of bombshell news every parent hopes they never get. Sharon has asked her knitting friends to each donate a square so they can be sewn together to brighten a hospital bed and let a family know there are lots of people sending love and best wishes. A blanket of knitted love and strength.

Making a square for this project got me thinking about my Great Un Finished Object. It's really the only project I'd say is officially hibernating..... Also a blanket made with donated squares from some lovely friends. It's with much embarrassment I realise this has been hibernating for almost a year as I began making squares before M was born. It was meant to be a cot blanket or baby blanket, however its now becoming obvious that she may well be no-longer- a-baby by the time I get this done.


Theres about 6 weeks until M's 1st birthday. Could I set myself an impossible goal of giving her a completed blanket for her birthday?

I had a count and sort out of all the squares last night. I need to knit 5 coloured squares and (ugh) 10 plain black squares. But that's not the part I'm stuck on. It's the construction/sewing it together/blocking a million squares/backing it with something that is really not that appealing. I've talked this through a friend already but any tips about how to make this easier /quicker/more appealing would be greatly appreciated.

Until I finish her a blanket of her own, Baby M uses my old baby blanket to keep her snuggly in her pram when we walk to school in the mornings. P6250930

Its bright and very retro (which apparently is very fashionable...right?) - you can probably tell from the colour scheme that I was born in the late 70s heh.


Wonder if I looked that cute wrapped up in it as a babe


PrincessPea said...

Awww!!! What a cutie!

Diane said...

Your baby is absolutely adoreable! Sending lots of love to the family you are helping to knit the blanket for.

amanda said...

She's looks more than happy with your old baby blanket. I love it too! Maybe you could scale down your plans for the knitted squares, and make them into a cushion. You'd probably have enough squares already then. Although at only 1 year hibernating it's hardly indecent yet. I've got a cross-stitch (or 2) hanging about from when I was 21!

Maria57 said...

In my 'unbiased' opinion you were that cute, if not cuter!

Mum XX

Anonymous said...

Oooh would be cool to get M's blanket done. Guess you'll just have to see how you go ;)

Anonymous said...

I reckon you just need to come to Welly again, and we can make a weekend of sewing up that blanket!!


Jennynz said...

oh M is so cute!

Maybe rather than sitting down with the intention of finishing the blanket, you could just decide that before you knit anything for the day you have to knit a square for the blanket or sew together 3 or 4 squares first. Then when you have got that out of the way you can pick up whatever knitting you really feel like doing.

Thats the only way I got my latest longies finished - I was wanting to do other things but wouldn't allow myself to pick up other knitting until I'd done an inch or two on the longies. It worked! After a few days of that I got all inspired to finish the longies in one go :o)