Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whiskey Needle Holder Pattern


The Whiskey Needle holder was made for my Mum who wanted something that would keep her needles together but that was pretty enough for display.

This is an easy pattern that could be mastered by beginner knitters. This would also make a great 'first time in the round knitting' project.

The holder is made by knitting a cover for a Glenfiddich whiskey tube...hence the name Whiskey Needle Holder.

You will need:

One Glenfiddich Whiskey bottle tube

Moda Vera Pralina [72% acrylic/28% virgin wool; 75m per 50g skein]; 2 skeins - Colour 4304

4mm 30cm circular needle (or size to obtain gauge)

Darning Needle

18sts = 10 cm in st st (measured flat not on the tube)

CO 54st. Being careful not to twist the stitches join for working in the round. (Ways to do this are explained here) Place a marker for the beginning of the round. Knit every round until your piece is a couple of inches long. "Try on" your cover over your chosen tube. The fabric should *just* stretch over the tube. It is better to be tighter - if your knitted tube is too loose you will need to start again with fewer cast on st or smaller needles. Once you have established that your knitted tube is the right size continue knitting every round until your knitted tube is the same length as your cardboard tube. Mine is approximately 75 rounds and 30cm long (not uncurling the rolled edge). Towards the end, try on your cover every few rounds to ensure your piece is going to be the right length. You need to finish when it is close as possible to the top of your cardboard tube.

Next round * K7 K2tog, rep from *
Next round * K4 Ktog, rep from *

(These final 2 rounds will pull in over the top of your cardboard tube).


Cut yarn leaving a tail that will be woven in later. Leave stitches on the needle.

Cut 3 long strands (approx 1m each) and plait together.

With a darning needle CAREFULLY thread your long plait through the live stitches at the top of your cover, removing them from the needle at the same time. Place your cover over your tube then gently pull the plait to tighten and tie. Trim plait to desired length and then trim ends.

Sew in yarn end.

Fill your new holder with your knitting needles :)


Variations and substitutions:

Use a shorter tube and fill with pencils, pens or felt tips. A clean tin or can would do fine.

The Whiskey tube I used is approx 30cm tall with a circumference of 30cm. You can substitute with any type of tube as long as it is made of reasonably sturdy material (e.g thick cardboard) and has a bottom. Some post shops/book shops sell long cardboard tubes used for posting rolled up documents. You will need to recalculate the number of stitches to cast on if you using a different tube. To do this work out your gauge (mine is 18 st per 10cm ...row gauge is not so important here as you will knit to length desired) and measure your tube circumference (mine is 30cm). So to get the right number of cast on stitches work out your gauge per cm. E.g 18/10 = 1.8 then multiply this by the circumference of your tube. 1.8 x 30 = 54 st to cast on.


The yarn I used has a recommended needle size of 7mm. I used 4mm so that the fabric of the knitted tube is dense and firm (and less likely to go baggy or fall down). If you substitute a different yarn try a few needle sizes smaller than recommended, work out your gauge and then calculate the number of cast on stitches as above. The yarn I used is mostly acrylic which I think is fine for a decorative project like this - I was choosing based on colour and this was the most suitable - any yarn would work fine.

You may need to work this on a different length circular needle or DPNs if making yarn/tube substitutions.


This pattern is for personal use only. Swaps, gifts and donations are fine. Do not sell this pattern. Do not sell items made from this pattern. Do not copy and paste this pattern elsewhere, you are welcome to link. If in doubt flick me an email.


Megan said...

Thanks Gabes! I might knit this up on 6mm needles so that I can justify starting it while I have so many other WIPs lol.

PrincessPea said...

That it so clever! A few years ago my son would have loved this to keep his homemade arrows in too.

Amanda said...

Fantastic idea! What a great stash buster too!

Sonia said...

This turned out great! I love the re-purposing you did; out with the old and in with new/old! Hope she likes it!

Anonymous said...

Great pattern and wool. I bought this wool last year for a pattern, buying 3 more balls than recommended. I find I am now 1 ball short for the last sleeve of the jacket. Spotlight can't find any more. Do you know where I can buy some from?