Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Anouk is all finished! Blocked even and ready for me to post


Pattern: Anouk from Knitty
Wool: Plain hank from The TinShed dyed by me with Dylon Cold Water dyes
Size: width 12m, length 6m
(Not many) Modifications: I-cord ties at side, I-cord heart detail

You might recall June was my gift/swaps month and this is being gifted to an online friend whose baby has clicky hips. She has had an operation and will have to wear a body cast for a few months....this presents all sorts of clothing challenges (and its winter here). I hope this fits little E. Her Mum has posted to say that her hip has dislocated again inside the cast and she will have to have it reset again. Poor wee thing.

I made this the 6mth size but a bit wider to better fit the measurements I was given. Hopefully it will fit over her body cast Ok as I made I-cord ties for the sides so her Mum can adjust, next year she might get to wear it as a tunic.

I am really pleased how this turned out. I wasn't so fussed on the yarn post dyeing but quite like how it knitted up in the end, especially the pooling on the bodice. (Neak - it did lose a bit of colour when I washed it but not tons - I put a note in for J to handwash on its own).


This is a great design, very versatile and there are super clever renditions of this on Ravelry. It does pay to read ahead as you work on it though as I found it's not that well written/sequenced IMHO.

A bigger one for babyM is on the 'one day' list ;)


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwww beautiful hun!!

kv said...

that is so cute, and looks like it will be perfect for easy dressing!

Dove Knits said...

That is so cute! The color is perfect, too!