Monday, June 30, 2008

Mid year round up

Today is July......Half the year is gone already. Wow It's gone so fast. So much has happened, it's been a busy one. And a productive one!

I had a play on Ravelry to see how many FO's I've managed so far this year. 57!!! More than I thought! Hehe sounds a lot but that's mostly one skeins, little things and lots of baby knits!

Here are some of my favourites

1. The Toys!
TOYS mosiac

2. The Little Bitty Baby Stuff!
Baby Stuff Mosaic

3. The warm stuff....mittens and hats and things!
Hats and gloves mosaic

4. Some other bits and pieces!
Other stuff mosiac

Can you tell I've had some fun with FD's flickr toys? The mosiac maker is FUN!


Denise said...

Wow, that's some knitting for half a years worth :)
It's still only June 30th here!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a whole heap of knittin' G! Such an inspiration you are.

Sam said...

what a busy bee you've been ;) I love the idea of doing a half-year roundup mosaic, I'll have to give it a go!

amanda said...

That's 2 a week! Girl you are a knitting machine!

PrincessPea said...

Good grief! How do you do it? Have you got your eldest child cooking for the family? It's best to start them young, I always think!

sweetp said...

Lol thats a great idea PP!! I never thought of that...helps that everything is pretty much one skein. You'll note the absence of anything significant lol

Rebecca said...

What awesome pics! it really is cool to see al the projects together! - Nice bag there..... It looks so good in my lounge!