Friday, June 20, 2008


How cozy do we look?


This is going to be super for frosty mornings at Playcentre when N2 wants to play outside! Now I can keep wearing my winter coat and BabyM is going to be snuggly warm too.

I first saw this pattern on Ravelry and immediately queued it, as I wear my baby every day and it was cute to see a "baby wearing accessory" I could make myself!
Originally on Magknits the designer has now added her Seaweed babywearing cover to her blog.


It's a very simple knit, nice and quick and great for picking up for a quick couple rows here and there. You do have to do some maths (not too hard) at the beginning to custom make your cover to suit your coat and carrier but once the knitting begins it's really very simple. I took this to Wellington with me as I was in that tricky in between projects stage and didn't want to take anything complicated with me (so I could take full advantage of chatting with friends while knitting). This is a great project for knitting while watching TV too.

I scored this wool from Mum, it didn't have ball bands but I'm sure it's wool, nice and cozy and knitted up pretty. I have some leftover so might make her a matching hat perhaps.

Raveled here.

PS. Miss 12(!!)kg is in an ergo but you can make this for any type of carrier :)


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. You both look very cosy.

Carol said...

Oh I love it! Great photo of you two!

kv said...

did your six year old take these pics??? she has a future in pictures. very cute, and looks very practical, too.

sweetp said...

Kv...not this Mum was visiting so I roped her into it. :)

sarah bean said...

ooh, i love this!

Maria57 said...

Definitely wool. 14 ply if I remember correctly. I bought it from a mail order wool company a thousand years ago and stashed it. Good to see it knitted into something so cosy and useful.
Mum XX

PrincessPea said...

What a brilliant idea - and what gorgeous pictures of you both!

Katzenzunge said...

It's such an honour people so far away are using my idea :-)
It looks very cosy, and I like the colour.
The "original" idea was for my baby in an ergo, too. Good carrier, I think.

sweetp said...

Aww thanks for stopping by. Great design..thank you!

Sam said...

What a fantastic idea! Love it.

Little Grubs said...

I have just found your blog - what beautiful, beautiful things you make. I always give up on knitting because I'm not very good and it takes so long but I really must try harder! Your baby carrier cover is great - wish I had one when my girls were little. Will definitely come back to look :)