Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tentacles the Monster

Remember awhile ago I blogged about the awesome Millipede that M10mths received in a one-skein swap I participated in? Well unfortunately there was one person in the swap group who never received her swap gift :( I've always had great experiences with all the swaps I've been in - my fear is always that my gift will get lost en route after I've posted it. I've been lucky enough to never have anything go missing on it's way to me and all my gifts have been awesome.

So I thought I would RAOK my friend and make her a one skein gift to make up for her disappointment.

She has a one year old son so I made him something

Tentacles the Monster! (If you're from that swap group you'll guess who I'm sending this to)

Made in Spotlight's Basic Wool in the orange I bought for the fish. I used pretty much the whole ball (less one fish of course).


The pattern is available as a Ravelry PDF download (Rav link) and is very quick and easy. I think I whipped this up in a evening plus an hour or 2 the next day to finish up. I only made a couple of really minor mods - like picking up stitches to do the Icord tentacles/tail instead of sewing on etc. I used a random button I had in my stash and just made one eye (because I think that's more Monster-ish)


I'm going to post him off this afternoon with some other goodies before the kids get attached ;)


PrincessPea said...

What a kind thought, a fantastic gift and excellent photos! All good.

Sharonnz said...

He is sweet. I'm sure Mr A will LOVE him. (There did seem to be a few glitches within that particular swap eh?)

amanda said...

Now this is exactly the sort of think Joel would love. Monsters are his thing. It's really sweet of you to do this for your friend.

Sonia said...

What a character! Love him!