Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ultimate Longies


Ultimate Longies by Shannon
Made in Patons Diploma Gold on 30cm Addis
Size NB

Aww, these were so cute and teeny and a really fun knit.

Shannon has only recently released this pattern on Ravelry and I couldn't help myself when the opportunity to test her pattern came up. It's another seamless longies pattern but with innovative shaping and clever increasing that keeps you on your knitting toes. The end result are longies that give a snug fit but are flexible enough to move in all the right places.

I really loved how these turned out, quirky legs and all. I did the NB size and put them away for a pregnant friend, not knowing the gender of her baby - luckily it was a baby Zoe and so these were sent off in a parcel of goodies last week.

The pattern has been written for 8,10 & 12 ply in sizes NB through to XL so you certainly get a lot for your money and if you are looking for a well written pattern with lots of help and tutorials then this is a great choice. If you want to see some modelled pics then check out the awesome ones that Tikki and Kelly made.


Now I know I should be blogging without guilt and all that but I do feel compelled to say that my absence from here hasn't been because of anything dramatic. We've had an awful run of winter bugs and it has really zapped all my creative energy so there has been a distinct lack of anything crafty happening around here lately. I'm also super busy with Playcentre "stuff" (and I thought knitting/internet was a time soak!) and getting our EOY accounts done and blah blah real life boring stuff like that. Sigh. It's all rather dull I'm afraid. I'm also having camera "issues". Hence the blog abandonment. However tonight I DID wind up my yarn for a new project that I am going to start...right now. Stay tuned ;)