Saturday, June 21, 2008

I had a plan

I had a plan and the plan was this:
Make this month all about swaps and gifts and little things that need to be done so that NEXT month I could have a selfish knitting month and finally get that CPH done. Hence all the finishing off things and little gifts and bits and pieces.

I get a bit stressed when I have a 'to do' list half a mile long - my so called relaxation/"me" time hobby becomes something of a burden, I start to get the guilts that I 'owe' things to people. It's one thing to procrastinate on knitting for oneself but I hate to do that on other people's knitting.

Sometimes however, the call to cast on just becomes too much

Next month (when it's all about ME) I plan to finish the CPH and make me a Wicked. This pattern is 'so me' , I know I'll get tons of wear out of it as I have a similar styled top that I wear almost every day. Another 'actual' something that takes more than 1 skein...impressed? Also the 1st time I've knit something totally in the round (apart from longies of course). This one is neck down and I'm putting my new KP needles to good use ;)

Gurnard raved about this new yarn and when I saw the colour range I just had to get some......Patons Smoothie DK 100% acrylic.
I know..... ACRYLIC!! But oh my, this is some lovely yarn. Smooth and sleek, it's got gorgeous stitch definition and is lovely to knit with. I can't believe I'm raving about a yarn that isn't a natural fibre but this one is very fine indeed. Not squeaky and it doesn't have a plastic feel to it either, it's almost cotton like in appearance but with more shine.

The smoothness is perfect for showing off the twisty rib patterning on the neckline

I just need to get a teeny bit more done (so it's out of my system you know) then it's back to 'the list'...promise


MotherMe, who's taking a knitting break to read blogs said...

I'm liking the Wicked, too. But I'm especially liking that fancy little beady stitch marker you've got going there. Lovely! (As is the knitting, of course...!!)

PrincessPea said...

Wicked is a really cute pattern, and it does look really wearable.

That acrylic yarn does look lovely - surprise! - it looks a bit like some bamboo yarn I'm knitting with at the moment.

Kelly said...

Wicked is coming along great! The Smoothie does really show up the twists brilliantly. I'm so so inspired to run out and get my yarn now so I can start too!

amanda said...

Sometimes you just gotta cast on! And the yarn is just perfect for showing up the twists.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Oh I'm in love. I wanna knit wicked too. I've had rusted root on my list FOREVER and haven't actually gotten around to knitting for me yet. But when I do... wicked is on my list too. Those Zephyr Style girls rock my world.