Sunday, May 4, 2008

I succumbed

My Buy Nothing Challenge is over. If you ignore the part where I moved to a colder climate and discovered I had nothing at all to wear and so bought some winter clothes, I did Ok. Nothing frivolous and no 'stuff'...just some clothes I have worn lots and some....yarn. Yip couldn't hold out for a whole month lol

I got some 'man yarn' to make DH a hat/scarf. Not sure exactly yet but he does need a replacement for the boring hat I made when I was just getting started on this knitting lark. I knitted a swatch and asked him if he would wear it and I got 'maybe' in response which, for him, is pretty encouraging!!


Paton's Inca 14ply this is a wool/alpaca/acrylic blend which is lovely to knit with and super cozy. I couldn't resist getting this when I saw it in the end of batch bin at Mum's LYS.

In the same specials bin was a couple of balls of Paton's Jet which is the yarn I used for the ribbed baby jacket and my sister's evangeline gloves. I really love how this knits up and it's one of the few aran-ish yarns here that has a good colour selection. I only needed a couple of balls to do a NB soaker (test knit for a friend) so I grabbed what they had on special and a ball of contrast DK for the waistband

So that's my confession. I cannot not buy yarn.

On the way home (which was May 1st and therefore guilt free yarn buying) Mum and I stopped at not just one but TWO yarn stores.
We went to the Tin Shed (which sells the Lollipop yarn I used here). There was some very scrummy yarn in there but I was very restrained and only bought 1 hank of yarn. Some gorgeous Touch yarns blue/purple 4ply Merino. For just in case I get brave enough to try socks ;)

The purple hasn't come out very well in that pic

We also stopped in at Ashfords where Mum succumbed to some Tekapo and I got some acid dyes for dyeing yarn and some cute wee sheepskin soles to make some super warm slippers for babyM.

May is the month for knitting scarves, hats, slippers and mittens!!! It's wierd - we were only away from here for 18months but we are suffering in the cold. It's amazing how quick the body adjusts to a new climate. I swear it never used to be this cold lol. I had a pang of homesickness/missing Northland last night as we sat huddled round the fire. Up there 15 degrees..down here 3!!!


Sharonnz said...

You certainly live in Yarn-land, don't you! I'm planning on trying one of the Touch Yarns scarf kits in that bluey colourway.

sweetp said...

hehe yeah making up for 18mths living in LYS deprivation . The Touch yarns is gorgeous stuff

Amy said...

Congratulations on the Buy Nothing Challenge. The Jet yarn looks great. I think it would have bent my will even in Buy Nothing Month.