Sunday, May 25, 2008

WiP Management and lots of coffee

I'm feeling a little bleary eyed this morning. We had a power cut this morning at 2.30am. Now, normally we would be oblivious to a power outage at that time in the morning, not realising until our wake up alarms failed to go off in the morning. However..... this new house has a burglar alarm. And apparently when there is a power cut the alarm goes into panic mode. Nice.

Let me tell you that being woken from an extremely deep sleep in the middle of the night by your DH who you think is a burglar (and so you start screaming) is not fun. Neither is standing in a pitch black freezing cold house with 3 crying children while your alarm is deafening you with its high pitch squeal. DH frantically looks for a candle or torch so you can at least see the buttons on the stupid alarm box but no amount of inputting pin codes or stabbing at the OFF button makes it stop. Not fun.

Oh and lets not forget the bit where the random neighbour we haven't met before knocks on the door with the Police on the other end of his mobile phone. (Bet we are the most popular house on the street today...not). Thank God he knocked and checked before telling the squad car to turn up!

*Finally* attempt number 973 to get the thing to SHUT UP works. Phew. WHY isnt there a page in the alarm manual that says' in the event of a power cut your alarm will do should do this....'

Stupid alarm.

We went back to bed , snuggled down, only for the power to come back on half an hour later and start the alarm off again. Luckily DH managed to turn it off straight away this time.

Stupid alarm.

Adrenalin is an amazing thing. I was SO wired I didnt get to sleep for another hour after calm had been restored. No wonder they inject it straight in the heart (and we all remember *that* scene in Pulp Fiction don't we!).

Today has not started well. To console myself I plan a day of blobbing on the couch with my knitting. May was to be the month of making us warm knitting and so far I'm not doing too bad.
Mittens for M6
Mittens for N2
Handwarmers for me

There is only a week left of the month and I really want to get some things finished and off the never ending TO DO list.

I have one handwarmer for DH done. I reckon I could probably get the 2nd one done in an evening..maybe 2?
I'm making these up as I go. The yarn is Paton's Inca which is 14ply wool/acrylic/alpaca. Super warm. These will be really nice for his big man hands when he bikes to school in the mornings.

I also need to finish M6 birthday slippers. I've done one so far. An interesting process making these! First you knit the most enormously large clown like slipper large you begin to doubt it could ever felt small enough to fit a small 6yo foot. And then you spend an ENTIRE day resetting your washing machine to agitate while it ever so slowly felts. It only took an evening and a bit to do the knitting part of this so hopefully by the end of the week I can knock this off the list too. There's probably an evenings worth of finishing off and embellishing in there too. I meant to make these for her birthday earlier in the month but the pattern was shipped from the US and so it took longer than expected. (ahem. silly me thought it was a PDF download).


I also planned to make BabyM a pair of sheepskin slippers. Which I did. Well 1 3/4 of a pair. I ran out of yarn for the 2nd one. DOH! They were a tiny bit big for her anyway so I dumped these in the hibernating projects box and moved on. I might pull them out next winter and decide if I want to frog or redo the tops in another colour or something. So the baby missed out on something from me this month.


I am still plodding along on my CPH as well. It knits reasonably fast I guess on 5mm but OMG adult sized 'actual clothing' takes some time. I've done a front piece as well as the back. Its been languishing at the bottom of my list of priorities while I attended to warm-hands knitting, gifts and swaps this month. I think if I got hard nosed and just knit this for a week I'd get a good portion of it done. In the meantime I keep borrowing one of DH's storebought jumpers which is a bit silly really. Hopefully I will actually get this finished before the end of winter.

Apparently knitting monogamy is not my strong point! Are you a one project knitter or do you have several things 'on the go'? I'd love to hear you decide what to knit or when you decide to start something new....


PrincessPea said...

OMG you poor thing, and with the whole family awake too... Was it just your house that had a power cut? Over here it never seems to be less than the whole street!

Have a peaceful day!

Anonymous said...

You know me....I have lots of projects on the go! Different projects for different moods, and sometimes a certain pattern or yarn gets inside my head and I can't think of anything else until I 'do' something (i.e., cast-on). Once I've CO and knit a few rows, the insatiable urge settles and I can focus on other things. Then I flit back and forwards between my (always upwards of 5, usually closer to an octect)projects until the desire to finish just one hits me, then I'm a possessed woman until that is done :)

kv said...

five things on the needles at the moment.ued to be a one at a time person, don't know what's happened to that this works now!!!

sweetp said...

Hi KV!!!

Kb...yeah much the same here :)

Anna...peaceful day was had! No knitting but it was OK. Went to bed early lol

amanda said...

yep...I know what you mean about the adult-sized clothing! It was a shock to my system too.
Hope you've managed to calm down nicely after your stressful night too. We had this happen a couple of months ago with our smoke alarm. Turns out a cobweb set it off!

Aunt Kathy said...

We never have a torch or candle around when we need one, but thank God we also don't have an alarm.

I always have several things out to start, yarn and needles but I can never decide. I usually tend to work on one thing until it's done... but I always have a small project to take if I go out.

Diane said...

Those ballet slippers are adoreable!