Friday, May 30, 2008've won!!

When I first saw the message in my inbox I thought it was spam. You know..."Congratulations , you've won, now just give us your bank account details and...."

but no! I had *actually* won!!!

A brand new baby sling from Unido.


We both love it! So pretty and perfectly made. It's just gorgeous. Thank you Unido!!

I really love how it folds up small for my bag and I can take it anywhere. It's super comfy even after wearing it for the walk to school and DD really likes being up close.

Awhile ago I had entered an online competition at Slingbabies which is a wonderful NZ resource all about babywearing. It has fantastic information to help parents choose and correctly use a baby carrier. Thank you Slingbabies!!

I've used a sling with all my babies but after nearly 6 years of constant use it's looking a bit tired so I entered the competition as the prize was a new carrier. I absolutely love 'wearing' my babies. It's a fantastic way to bond with your baby and great for getting things done when little ones are tired/grizzly. The babies just like being with you while you potter around. I also use an ergo carrier with DD3 who at 11kg is a little too heavy for wearing long periods with the weight on one shoulder. She usually has one of her day sleeps on my back and I can fit DD2 in it as well so it's very versatile. It's especially good for taking little ones for walks where buggys/pushchairs can't go easily (ie most shops).


Erika wrote a great post this week showing off her awesome carrier selection. She's made the seaweed cover which I think I might make sometime soon to keep us snuggly warm while DD's in the carrier at playcentre.

Now Sarah at Unido is running another competition! If you want to win some awesome baby products then all you have to do is go to the Unido website at Click on portfolio and mix and match the designs until you've chosen your 2 favourite combinations of patterns/plains. Email your picks to with your name/email/ph number and you could be a winner too! Competition ends 30 June and I think its NZ only. Good Luck!



Fi said...

Awww - that is such a great shot! I want little babies again so I can wear them on the front.

Hamish now only goes in the ergo as he is too big and wriggly for front carrying, and since we are thinking no more babies, I am about to pass on my hug-a-bub, and it kills me!!! At least the person who is receiving it will be the sort who will also enjoy hugging their baby nice and tight, and listening to the snuffly snores :)

sweetp said...

Yeah the snuffly snoring on your chest is cute heh

Aunt Kathy said...

I remember wearing my babies way back when. They are bigger then me now.


PrincessPea said...

That photo of you and your baby is absolutely stunning. Lucky babies being able to spend so much time snuggled to you!