Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whiskey for Mothers Day

During the holidays I finally got to see my Mum's new house that they have been working on for the past year. They're past the moving in stage and are now putting the final finishing touches to the rooms. Mum was saying how she wanted something to put her knitting needles in. Something functional but pretty enough they could be displayed.

So I made her this for Mother's Day


Her room is earthy tones of green and browns. When I saw this yarn it immediately jumped out at me as perfectly autumn. It reminds me of scrunching through fallen leaves


The inner tube is an empty Glenfiddich whiskey tube hence it's the Whiskey Needle Holder!


I knitted the 'cozy' in the round with some shaping at the top and finished it off with a plait tie.


Hopefully she'll find it perfect for keeping those needles together

Its dead simple and would be great if you were new to knitting in the round so I'm going to write it up as a pattern (indulge me for a moment while I pretend to be a designer lol)


Megan said...

That's lovely! Just what I need. And I even have an empty Glenfiddich tube here. Mum always kept her needles in one of those, but not beautifully adorned like that.

Sharonnz said...

That is SO freakin' Robin Hood, I love it. A quiver of needles to wear in Sherwood forest, getting on with your Ravelry queue while doing good deeds.

sweetp said...

Make one Megan! Would love to see it. I'll put the 'pattern' up tomorrow. Pretty simple :)

sweetp said...

LOL SHARON!!! Cant decide what funnier...a quiver full of needles or the bit about getting on with your Ravelry queue...

Aunt Kathy said...

Whiskey for Mothers Day what a great title. I love the holder idea and the color is awesome.

Michaela Dollar said...

I LOVE it! I'm so inspired to make one now! I keep meaning to kniw wine bottle sacks to give as house-warming gifts. Maybe that'll be my summer project!!

Louise said...

That is a great idea! Will have to add it to my ever-growing Ravelry queue.

Anonymous said...

cool :D