Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stash Sorting

The girls and I have been down staying with my Mum for the past week (its school holidays here at the moment). One of the best things about moving back here is that my Mum is now only a 2hr car trip away (as opposed to a 2hr car trip and THEN 2 (expensive) plane trips away).

She asked me if I would help her sort her stash. How could I refuse?? (What better mother and daughter yarnie bonding activity is there??)


It was pretty bad. There were *ahem* many half finished and half started projects. So, I played bad cop and put Mum on some knitting probation. It was fun actually, helping her decide which WiPs were keepers and which were for the frog pond. We sat and worked out why exactly each project was hibernating (wrong wool for pattern, icky pattern, too small etc)and I ended up ripping back a few things (which is not so bad when its not your work you're destroying hehe). We sat and petted her yarn and I managed to nab some purple chunky wool for making one of the DDs a winter vest.


One of the finds was the start of a mohair jumper. Which was lovely and intricate and probably quite fashionable when Mum started it a long time ago (sorry Mum). Too many colours to rip it out so I did some refashioning, knitted a round bottom, sewed up the side and voila! knitted jumper becomes knitted bag. Mohair felts so we chucked it in the machine and now I have a cute little knitted drawstring bag for the girls dress up box.

Mum begged me not to write about her many unfinished projects but as I explained, it was such good blog fodder how could I not??! Make her feel better and confess how many hibernating projects you currently have.

Me, I just have one. A baby blanket for M9mths. There's really no hope of me getting it done while she is still a least I am realistic about that


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute does your babe look with that yarn! She's looks like she might eat it! :D

Anonymous said...

I have an Anouk waiting for finishing touches, 2 soakers waiting for ends to be sewn in and cords and 1 half sewn up pair of longies. All nearly finished so I don't think I am doing to bad :P

sweetp said...

hehe yeah i think there was some yarn slobbering going on

Sonia said...

That's too funny~putting someone else on knitting probation! It must have been kind of fun to help sort and rip out someone else's knitting!

Anonymous said...

Fun :) oh and I have lots and lots (and a few more) on the go