Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Forever Rib

I'm on a FO roll folks! Here's another one...

I finished the Ribbed Baby Jacket from Special Knits I started over Easter.


It's a quick and easy knit. It's constructed by knitting up the back, casting on for the sleeves, then dividing for the fronts. So the only seams to do at the end are the under arm and sides. I really liked the fact there was not much seaming and it was something new for me to try, knitting all in one piece. This style (without set in sleeves etc ) is a little bulky fit-wise but it is a jacket so it means it will fit fine over other layers. The only ugh part is picking up the 150+ stitches and doing 4 or so inches of double ribbing. This is the project I taught myself how to do continental knitting!


I absolutely loved knitting this in Paton's Jet. Its a wool/alpaca mix so is lovely and soft and will be gorgeous and cozy for winter. I used almost 5 whole balls on this project, which sounds a lot but its an aran weight yarn and only has 70 odd m/ball.

I knit the 9-12mth size so that it would fit Miss growing -like-a-mushroom right through winter. My only modification was to add some length.

If you clicked on the amazon link you will see the Ribbed Jacket is on the front of the Special Knits book. I love the flower pin they use to close the jacket. I knew I'd never find something like that here, so made my own.


This is the second time I have used this pattern to make a flower embellishment for a FO (I also used it for my sister's MP3 cover here). It's nice and easy and is great for using leftovers. For this one I made the lighter pink (also Jet) as per the pattern and the darker pink one is slightly smaller. I attached them using a baby kilt pin. I think the jacket also looks fine open too.


I'm really happy with how this turned out.

And so is BabyM!

Even Puddy agrees

Ok, just one more. She's just so cute


See it on Ravelry here


Anonymous said...

Way cute Gabes!!!! I love knitting with the Jet wool too so yummy and soft :D

sue said...

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous jacket. I love the flower pin too.

Anonymous said...

That looks so sweet on her! And how gorgeous is she in the last photo?

Diane said...

The sweater turned out very nice! The color is gorgeous. And, the baby is just so cute!

Sonia said...

First of all, your daughter is adorable! And secondly, I love the sweater and wonder if I could make one in my size...nice job with the flower pin.

Hege said...

And the jacket is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

M looks so grown up G!
That jacket is great, and the wee flower just finishes it off perfectly :) Go you!

Michaela Dollar said...

I love it! The jacket turned out adorable. And your baby is sooooo incredibly cute! She's the kind of baby I stop in the grocery store and talk to because they're so freaking cute!

Louise said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Lucky I don't have the book or I think I would be adding it to my very long list of things I want to make :P

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ahh she's gorgeous! I love that age!!! Clucky as a mo' fo'.

Love the cardi too - I want a Hannah sized one.