Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A present for my sister


Hasn't she got beautiful hands?

This is Evangeline by The Sweet Sheep which was on the Magknits site. Thanks to Leah for getting me the pattern from internet archives when magknits went down. There is a note on Ravelry that the pattern will be available on the Yarn Forward website at some stage

I used 10cm (yes that close) short of an entire ball of Paton's Jet. The alpaca wool mix should keep my sister's hands nice and cosy. I really love this wool. It knits up so nice and is so soft.


The cable looks complicated but wasn't too difficult. The only mods I chose to do were to knit them on 4mm DPNs instead of 4.5mm as my sister is only 12 and very slim. I also added some 2x2 ribbing to the thumb instead of doing st st as per the pattern. If I did this again (I really want a pair for me now!!) I would do the thumb gusset as it's done in this pattern for no holes whatsoever. This pattern involved picking up stitches and it's not as tidy IMO.

Me and the girls are on holiday at my Mum's this week so I bought this WiP with me so I could check the sizing on my sister and show Mum how to get started on DPNs. I was stoked how quick these were to knit up (one evening each) and that they only used one ball (all I bought with me). Gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

She does indeed have beautifule hands! A perfect model for Evangeline there!

Gypsy said...

What beautiful hands, and I am so in love with those gloves - I am going to HAVE to learn to knit. You are such an inspiration. I have given you a "You Make My Day" blog award - I know they are a bit silly but I wanted to rave again about your hat pattern. I have moved my blog by the way - you'll now find me at http://domesticallyblissed.blogspot.com/ - you weren't the only person who said they couldn't leave comments.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Wow - really gorgeous! Hands and gloves.

It stopped me dead in my nail-biting tracks. Renewed enthusiasm for beautiful nails - I may have to come back daily for inspiration!

sweetp said...

Thanks Gypsy. Will have to come check out your new home :)

Little Miss Flossy said...

Oh those gloves are The Business! I love the little booties down below too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gabes, I LOVE these. Is the pattern still available anywhere now?


Jenny said...

These gloves are beautiful! I have been looking for a pair of cable knit gloves like these... Where can I buy this exact kind? I don't know how to knit just yet. :(