Monday, May 5, 2008

How to Tuesday : Seamless Tubes on 2 straight needles

Knitting in the round with 2 straight needles!

Here's how...

CO an even # stitches
(Purl one, slip one)rep to end

Repeat this row until your tube is desired length. (Note 2 rows make a 'round'). As you knit you will be able to 'pull' the fabric apart as the tube forms. If it doesn't then you may have made a mistake somewhere and will need to rip back.

When tube is desired length you will need a third straight needle. Purl one , slip next st to spare needle from right to left, Purl one then slip this st over the first purled st (ie casting off one). Slip next st onto spare, purl the next casting off as before. Continue along , placing your slipped st onto spare needle. At the end of the row you will then need to cast off (in purl) your remaining stitches on the spare needle.

Sew in yarn ends and turn your tube the right way out. You may need to stretch the stitches at the sides.

And there you go...knitting in the round with no DPNs or circulars. Because the bottom is a closed seam this technique is great for little bags or cellphone/iPod cozies etc. I first used this method making this bunny cuddly toy from Lionbrand. That pattern refers to it as double knitting which is a way of knitting 2 fabrics at once.

In a few days I will show you the project I've just finished using this method :)


Libby said...

Sounds interesting, I think this sounds like how the 'Hoover blanket' from is formed - might have to give it a go!

Sharonnz said...

I did a pair of booties this was freaky fun!

Louise said...

Sounds weird, but fun! I've been wanting to make a hot water bottle cover so I might try this technique rather than the kitchener stitch (scary).

sweetp said...

Louise it would be perfect for that and yeah the best bit is no grafting lol