Monday, May 19, 2008

They don't make them like this anymore

My last trip to the library resulted in me bringing home "Classsic Knits for Girl Dolls" by Marjory Fainges.
There's nothing in there I particularly want to knit, it all being on 2,3 and 4ply wool with tiny needles, and especially as I have *more* than enough on my to do list as it is!! However the pictures in the book were so interesting I got it out anyway.

All the knitted clothes are based on patterns from 1900 to 1950 and are modelled on vintage dolls circa 1940's and earlier. They have 'vintage' names too... like Myrtle and Petunia and Violet


The detailing is just gorgeous. Sweet little faces ...

And check out the jointed limbs..

They just look like they have been 'hand crafted' and made with time, patience, skill and love.

50 odd years later and today's children play with TeenHooker Bratz dolls,
bratz doll jpg

It seems such a shame these 'things' are marketed as 'dolls'. No comparison really


Aunt Kathy said...

so true

PrincessPea said...

I love these! My grandmother used to make clothes for my dolls all the time, and I really adored getting them from her. These pictures took me right back...

Amanda said...

tagged ya! check my blog!