Monday, May 26, 2008

How Tutu Tuesday

M turned six a couple of weeks ago. She seems so grown up, I can't believe six years has gone by that fast.

This kid is all about pink and fairies and anything sparklygirliemakeyougagwithsweetness. So for her birthday we got her some fairy books and fairy stationery. And the ultimate in fairy attire....


Needless to say she's hardly taken it off since she got it. Its especially great for pretending you are a ballet fairy and doing twirly things

The lovely Leah sells these gorgeous FrouFrou tutus - the perfect thing for the little princess in your life. She's also kindly sharing her tutu recipe with the world so if you're the crafty type you can have a go at making one yourself.
Thanks heaps Leah, she loves it :)


PrincessPea said...

How utterly adorable! And how great that you don't actually gag but indulge her pink fairy fantasies!

Anonymous said...

awww - what a cutey :D If you give it a great big shake (hold the knots) and then the creases should drop out :D - I'm a geek and forgot to add in the care instructions lol :D

Diane said...

oh, that's so cute! I really miss those days of my daughter liking that stuff. Enjoy it! The years fly by so fast.