Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Tale of Two Mittens (Part I)

So you probably gathered from recent posts, we are all suffering in the cold. Mittens/gloves for us all are on the list to do very soon!!

First up...... M6(inaweek'stime...OMGIfeelsoold)Mittens

These are a modified version of the mittens pattern in Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits. The pattern is knit flat and seamed and is on 4.5mm so they didn't take long to whip up. I used 8ply as the size was 6-10yr and DD is only just-about-6. The sizing came out nicely and although the thumb is a teeny bit long they fit great otherwise. The pattern has them with buttonholes so they can be buttoned to a sweater, I modified to add some single rib to the wrist and then threaded some shirring elastic through so they aren't too floppy. I think they should last her a couple of years which is great.

Since these were made with walking to school in mind and DD's uniform is blue/navy/white I used a ball of navy DK wool I had in my stash. She was desperate for some pink though so we decided to hide some pink hearts on the palm side. I just knit these separately and sewed on after.


She likes them a lot better now I have got around to finishing them off with some girliness.


DH wants some fingerless gloves for riding his bike to school. If you know of a great but manly-in-the-extreme fingerless glove pattern please leave me a note in the comments.

On the subject of comments, thanks to everyone for leaving kind comments about my CPH. Just the motivation I needed to keep on with this adult knitting thing. Gaaah it does take *alot* longer for adult size stuff :) Blogger doesn't always let me respond individually (via email) to comments but because I have it set to moderate I always see and read each and every comment, they are much appreciated so keep them coming!


Libby said...

Definately cold weather! I am freezing here this morning and we have a wicked frost.......
'Dashing' from is the manly version of 'fetchings', the other pattern I have got is 'beer gloves' from son of stitch and bitch - you could email me at libbyarcher at clear dot net dot nz

sweetp said...

LOl I never realised Dashing was for the blokes! Ive realised there is apattern in last minute knitted gifts too