Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wearing the baby

International Baby Wearing week
12-18 November

Its International Baby Wearing week!! To celebrate I thought I'd do a little post and share my favourite baby wearing photos. Baby wearing has been my saviour - with 3 little ones and only 1 pair of hands there have been so many moments where I have been so grateful to be a sling Mum - all those times a buggy/pushchair would have been really inappropriate, all those times I could use the sling to breastfeed discretely, all those times the crying stopped as soon as the sling was put on, all those times when it was nap time and we were out/busy/somewhere where there was nowhere for baby to sleep so they slept on me instead, all the warm cuddles, all the comfort, all the times I got things done with baby on my back instead of crying at my feet. My carriers have been worth their weight in gold!

For fantastic baby wearing information in NZ visit Slingbabies!

We love our Unido sling...

Never too young to wear your baby...
Never too young for babywearing

Erika is also celebrating Babywearing week by showing off all her fantastic carriers, stop by her blog to see her wonderful collection and gorgeous baby wearing pics.

Happy Baby Wearing xx


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Adorable pics!! I never quite got the hang of the slings with either kid and always wished I had because babies always look so cosy in them. Maybe if I have another I can get some tips from you :).

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful description of what it means to wear your baby! It just made me think of how fantastically secure and loved your babies are going to feel, and of course that will stay with them for the whole of their lives. Good for you!

The picture of your little one with her own sling is so adorable!

amanda said...

Totally cosy post! It's so sweet to have them snuggled in all the time!

lucky knitter said...

Very sweet pictures!

icoobaby1 said...
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