Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turn a Square (Properly)

My much better attempt at making my StepDad a beanie for his upcoming birthday. If you want to see how to Turn a Square (Badly) go here!

Turn a square much better

This time I followed the pattern instructions (doh), toned it down a bit by doing smaller stripes (4 plain, 1 coloured) , left out the pink Noro stripes , followed the jogless stripe instructions of the brilliant Techknitter (thanks for the link Judy) and I think, overall, a much better effort!

Its a tiny bit big on me but I'll check on DH when he gets home later. I think it should be just right for a man sized head

I do so like the "square"
TUrn a square 2

The pattern is on Ravelry as a download here.


Anonymous said...

What a cute pattern! It reminds me of the fireworks drawings I used to do as a child.

Rose Red said...

The square is so cool!! Looks great!

Judy said...

Oh great, glad it worked!

Sonia said...

Love the stripes on a black background!

amanda said...

I think there's something really satisfying about the geometry of this pattern! It's neat!