Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday I posted about my little phase of knitting with The Wool Company's multi coloured variegated yarns. There's one more thing I've made in this yarn to show you....


Remember how I said some people get the triangle pooling? This is my FO where it happened - because this one is just a teeny little dress. Teeny and oh so cute - I had to send it off very soon after finishing because it was making me think about how nice tiny little babies are!!

It was made for my dear friend Monique's new baby. She kindly put a pic of her precious darling wearing it here. (Thanks Neak, she's adorable)

I know I'll get asked - the Oriental Lily dress was a test knit for Tikki (who is also busy with her gorgeous new bundle). Cute dresses are her forte - she's also the pattern writer for the Rainbow dress I knit for M that was in yesterday's post. At the moment the pattern is available on her blog as a size 2-3 and a bunch of us test knit it for smaller sizes. I suspect the updated pattern with other sizes will be available some time soon once Tikki has some time. It's a lovely easy pattern and would be another good one for variegated yarn.

I was all keen to do a 12-18mth one for M in some JJ's Montage but I got side tracked (as you do) with other projects and then it got warmer - I've decided to wait until next winter so I know what size.

One good thing about the Utiku yarn is that I find one hank goes a long way. One hank of Opal got me small longies (see yesterday's post) and the Oriental Lily dress plus the edging for this little bonnet


The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and a quick little knit that finished off the new baby gift nicely. The colours of the yarn show up nicely on the I-cord edging.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Both the dress and the bonnet are adorable! I have LMKG and have looked at that pattern many times because the baby is sooooo cute wearing it.

I'm in the camp that pooling gives it originallity. Doesn't bother me a bit.

sue said...

Oh that little dress is so adorable. The hat is very sweet too and I love the trim in the variegated yarn. I like knitting with variegated yarns but I know some people dont like the way they pool.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness I love the little dress and the bonnet, so adorable. I popped over to have look at them on the model herslef, so gorgeous! I also love the blue longies from your last post, that pooling effect looks brilliant. I still have to give longies a go, thought I might do some for a friend expecting her baby next, should give me plenty of time... X

Rose Red said...

That dress is SO SWEET! Love it!

Anonymous said...

We love them all ;) the dress the bonnet and of course the model lol

Anonymous said...

They are just too cute! One of the things I really like about your use of variegated yarns is how you use solid colours with them. Somehow the solid colour seems to really 'ground' the variegated ones.

Carol said...

ADORABLE... I have a funny feeling I might be making this little dress

sweetp said...

Anna yes I like the look of variegated with the plain, just tones it down a bit.