Friday, November 21, 2008


Warning: this post contains pink princess prettiness!


This year for Christmas we are giving each of our girls;
- something to read
- something to play with
- something to share
- something Mum has knitted

This is an idea I got from a parenting forum and I think something we'll continue in the future - it keeps everything nice and even (for those 6year olds who are obsessed with everything being fair) and means I can still indulge in my 'making home made gifts ' crusade (well at least while they are still small enough to appreciate it anyway).


This is N3's something Mum made. She is going through a delightful (if a little nauseating) pink and 'princeey' (her word for princess) phase and I think this princess hat is going to go down very well. She's already seen it - you have to felt to size so I had to try it on as I went- but when she was out with Dad this morning I attached the pink sparkly (of course) veil and got M6 to model it for me. It's hidden away again now so hopefully it will still be a little bit of a surprise for her on the day.

I really like before and after felting photos...

I used some Paton's Jet which takes a bit of effort to felt but when it does it makes a nice sturdy fabric so the hat should keep its shape. I used a tiny bit of my 4th ball which was a lot more yarn than I anticipated.

The pattern is in the book New Knits of the Block but is also available online for free here. Its by Bev Galakas - remember the felted slippers I did for M6? Same yarn, same pattern author!

Raveled here.

It feels very good to have another Christmas gift finished. How are you going with your Christmas knitting?


villapeikko said...

Wow! It's a perfect gift for a little girl!
I suddenly got an idea to knit for both of my parents a pair of socks for christmas. So I'm in a bit of a hurry right now, since I have other projects too. I just know they don't expect this kind of gift and I think it's fun to surprise them ;)

Anonymous said...

Stunning!!!! N is just going to love that. Might have to try the pattern out some time.

Christmas knitting is pretty non0existant. I did make a start on some play food but got bored very quickly :$

Hege said...


Rose Red said...

It is superfantastic! And I think your 4 gift ideas are great.

amanda said...

Oh wow! That hat is really something! Lily would have loved this when she was smaller.

Bells said...

Oh wow. She will just adore it. I can't wait for the photos and stories of how it went down.

Very, very nice concept re gifts too. I like it a lot.

Sonia said...

That looks like so much fun!
And I LOVE your idea for gifts: something to read, play with, and share. I have been struggling when family ask what I want for Christmas because I don't actually need anything. I might say this instead!

Amy said...

Despite my anti-pinkness, that princess hat rocks. I might be converted yet.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

That princess hat turned out so cute! Ours gets pulled out regularly for dress-up fun...


Anonymous said...

Do you still have a copy of the hat pattern? I would like to make one for Faith for her Princess party coming up. Cinderella would look lovely wearing one ;)