Sunday, November 16, 2008

Variations and Variegations

I've just finished a pair of longies as a swap with a friend. I realised that I seem to be having a little phase of knitting variations of the same thing!!

All made to Jenny's great Pimp my Longies pattern with Utiku Multi Colours from the Wool Company

Med-Lge in "Blues" with rolled hem

XL in "Amber" with picot hem
Bella's Longies

Small in "Opal" with frilly hem and Icord waist tie (cute being worn pic here)

What fascinates me is that depending on the wool and the number of stitches in your round, you get such different effects. I know some people are in the anti-pooling camp - me? , I love it! The blue pair are my favourites just for the cool effect at the top. One type of wool and yet you can get triangle pooling, blotches, thin stripes, thick stripes or just mottled. Very cool

The other colourway in this yarn you might remember me using is "Watermelon" for M's rainbow dress

I love this colourway - very cute for little girls. Julie made this same dress in this colourway but in a different size and she got triangle shaped pooling on hers.

If you like variations with your variegations then this could be a good yarn for you too! I know I'm not the only one hoping for some great new colourways next time they update (but only if they don't get rid of the good ones!!)


Natalie said...

They all look great, I love the blues pair and the Amber pair. I hope they dont axe the nice colours this time, and hopefully bring back a chocolate type colourway :D

Judy said...

Yeah, I'm one of the ones who HATE pooling - have sworn off variegated yarns (well, except the one I just got gifted, though I'm sure it will give me pains knitting it)...

Anonymous said...

i like them, tho i'm not normally a fan of pooling, well don't mind it if it stayed the same on the legs, its the changing i don't like. love love love your watermelon dress. think anything under size 1 in that pattern gets the triangular pooling and the bigger sizes don't. (oh and got any of the flamingo left over? ;) )

Georgie said...

Love them! And I love the Utiku yarn too - two lovely skeins are marinating in my stash right now, and in another one of those things where we pick the same patterns - I'd just decided to do a Rainbow dress and longies for the Princess!

Im a bit ambivalent about pooling - love it in your blu longies, but sometimes its just ugh. Fascinating though!

kv said...

you've been very lucky with your pooling! they are all adorable.

KnitWit said...

Pooling can be fun! It looks as though there's a little triangular pooling in your dress, also with the dark pink.

Carol said...

I love them too!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Those are adorable! Love the colors.

lucky knitter said...

These are so cute!

tikki said...

ooh, they're all gorgeous!!!! i love the variations in the utiku too; love seeing what the yarn does in different patterns, and I like the pooling. I'm inspired to drag out one of my last three hanks to knit with :D