Thursday, November 13, 2008

February. Finally. Finished

This post has been a long time coming.


The pattern: February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne (Free Ravelry download here)

FLS sleeves

The yarn: Cleckheaton Country 12ply Shade 1935 Light Blue. 10 balls bought in a batch off TradeMe and 15 (!)grams of an extra ball purchased from here. I will never again buy a sweater's worth of yarn from an auction site. I ran out of yarn even though the pattern notes indicated I should have had enough - The TM seller didn't have anymore and there was only one store in NZ I could find online who had some. The first ball they sent me went MIA (thanks NZPost) and so it was many weeks before I could "officially" finish. Let's just say a lesson has been learnt there

FLS sitting

The time: Actually a reasonably quick knit. I was racing through this about 50g a night so probably about 2 weeks or thereabouts of actual knitting. Of course in reality it took me much longer -there was the few days it sat whilst waiting for buttons (tip - get buttons with your yarn, first button hole is 3 rows in!), then the very long wait for the extra yarn to finally arrive.

gull lace up close
The lace: The picture above is Gull Lace. I will never ever ever do another pattern that uses gull lace. Ever.
I mentioned my struggles with this earlier, clever Judy said she used stitch markers to keep track across the lace repeats - a wonderfully simple idea (and stupidly obvious now) I wish I had thought of!! I did the sleeves on DPNs and did find them much easier (and they are error free) because there were 3 repeats on each needle.
There is a mistake on the main body of the sweater but it sits under my bust and its not that noticeable , even by me, and I know it is there , so I can live with that.


The verdict: I will never knit this pattern again but overall, despite an almost jinxed knitting experience, I do quite like it. While I was knitting I was never really sure if it was going to work on me but now it's done I'm quite happy.

I did the XXS/35 inch size even though I measure as 38. Preblocking this was pretty snug but afterwards it grew a bit and now its a perfect fit and I think a more flattering length too.

I wore it tonight- our first BBQ of the season - it was a lovely summer's night but there was a cold breeze. With 3/4 sleeves I think this is going to be worn all year round. I had visions of wearing this over a summer print dress ( which I have yet to find lol) but for now with jeans or a skirt and a singlet top underneath it will be great for BBQ season when the temperature drops. I like the style of the bodice and the shape of it, I think its going to be very wearable.

There are a couple of small things I'm not 100% happy with (its a bit bulky under the arms, I wouldn't pick up the extra 7 stitches if I was to redo) and I need to fix the buttonholes as they are a bit big but overall I'm pretty darn pleased that my sweater from hell turned out quite well in the end. Finally its DONE!!!


There are more pics on my flickr stream, including the outtakes :)
Thank you once again to M6 for the FO photography

PS. Are you knitting lace this summer? Bells is hosting a Long Lacy Summer KAL - its very low key but should be fun checking out what everyone is knitting this summer. I'm wanting to do some 'proper' lace just as soon as the madness that is Christmas gift knitting is over, but for now this sweater - with a bit of lace - should surely count as my first baby step into lace knitting


Kelly said...

awww hun - I adore it! You've done so well :) And as an aside - look how thin and trim you are! *wink*

Sonia said...

Well, it turned out great. Sometimes these struggles are worth it? In any case, I bet you are hugely relieved it's finished!

oacemama said...

It does look great. Nice colour. Thanks for the heads up about stitch markers.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Looks beautiful on you! Nicely done. Love the color and I must say even if you hated the lace it looks wonderful in the pictures :).

Judy said...

Beautiful! Actually makes me think I might knit one... eventually!

Anonymous said...

It's great that you got over your initial hurdles with this. It looks fantastic on you, and I love the length. Every time I see a FLS it looks good, whatever the person's body type - not sure I can resist much longer!

Sharonnz said...

I love it! Love the colour, love the length you've done it. Go you! I think I'll end up stitching my buttonholes smaller...I got a bit carried away with learning the new technique and they're huge!

sweetp said...

Thanks everyone.

Anna yes it does look nice on lots of body shapes. When I look for a new knit for me I always go through the FO pages to see what it looks like on different people. Personally I think on the pattern it looks a bit short and boxy - I prefer my sweaters to be a little bit longer (with more coverage lol)

Sharon - yeah I think I'll just try and darn the buttonholes closed. Or failing that look for bigger buttons?

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Despite the angst involved - you ended up with a terrific sweater!

It is a beautiful color on you as well - perfect for a NZ Spring :)

amanda said...

Well I know this gave you a lot of grief whilst knitting but it was well worth it! It looks great on you. Gorgeous colour too!

Leah said...

You and the sweater look absolutely gorgeous. Well Done for finishing it even though it was a PITA. And I agree with Kelly- you are looking fantastically slim and trim. And again Miss M needs to look at a career in photography me thinks :)

kv said...

it does look very cute, but i don't blame you for complaining. knitting is supposed to be fun, after all. consider hanami for next lace project. mine's almost done, and after i got the basketweave down (took a while), it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like!!!!

KnitWit said...

This is a lovely sweater. I like that color blue on you. =)

Rose Red said...

I think it looks great - really suits you and I like the longer length too.

And it definitely counts as lace!

(now I really should get on and finish mine...)

Shortly said...

Looks great :D Fabulous on, and that's what counts when it's all said and done. Awesome to hear it's had some wear already too :)

Bells said...

It's fantastic! Just lovely. But I am with you on the gull stitch. Awful pattern. I have no idea why EZ raved about it so much.

But well done. It's beautiful.