Saturday, October 25, 2008

My favourite(s)

The lovely Aussie girls have been posting their favourite knits so I thought I would join in.

My most favourite knit? Easily easily easily my Central Park Hoodie


This was my first proper for me more than a skein knit. I loved the pattern, the cable pattern and that there was just enough going on to keep me interested but the cables weren't that difficult. The Bendigo Rustic 12ply was a dream to knit, dense and warm and just a gorgeously smooth yarn with no dodgy bits in it anywhere. (also very quick to arrive over here and a nice price). I have worn this so many many times - a completely wearable and very comfortable knit. It really was a great yarn/pattern choice for my first ever 'for me' knit. Totally LOVE it.

Runner up place goes to these little cuties

We kept the blue one and the other two went off to new homes. These were such a fun knit -I couldn't stop after just one. A great way to use up little bits of leftovers. So cute.

And because I couldn't stop at just two favourites, number three is the little overalls I made for M when I was pregnant. These were made before the blog and are from the Cleckheaton 10 Simple Baby Knits in 8 ply book ( a wonderful inexpensive pattern book for simple but sweet baby knits). I made the 3mth size but my not so little 9lb9oz bubba fitted them from a couple of weeks.

Purple and green may be an unconventional choice for a new baby but its one of my favourite colour combos, and was a suitably bright unisex choice for 'we don't know what we're having'. I also made her a matching side opening cardigan from the same book in green with purple.


I loved these so much I put them away in her memory box.

What's your most favourite knit? Leave me a comment so I can visit and admire!


amanda said...

I love the purple and green, and she looks so cuddly in them too. I'll need to have a think about this favourite knit thing now.

Anonymous said...

The overalls (and your baby) are just adorable! Love the mice too, and of course your Central Park Hoody was a triumph. Sorry to hear you'd been ill - I hope you're feeling much better now.

kv said...

funny, i woke up thinking about my favorite knits. unfortunately, some of them are gone now, and i feel like i'm in process of making new favorites. love the overalls! unisex baby clothes are my favorites.

Carol said...

Awesome,Love them all!!!

Julie said...

Those overalls are so adorable and I too love the purple/green colour combo!!! My favourite knit to date is Lola's rainbow dress (which I still have not blocked....)X

Georgie said...

Snap, purple and green is one of my very favourite combos too. I love that baby knits books.

And your CPH is just stunning. Gorgeous colour - gotta love the bendy!

Windansea said...

I keep meaning to knit a CPH - yours is beautiful. Gorgeous color - I'm going to go investigate the Bendigo, which I don't think I've ever seen....

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

They are all lovely knits - but those mice - too cute!

Rose Red said...

I love purple and green! And bright baby knits - so much better than lemon and pale green!

You know, I haven't been a huge fan of the CPH like most people have, but I think yours might have converted me! It looks so good and so easy to wear.

Bells said...

oh wow. I adore everything you've posted here but especially the CPH. I must make it. Everyone else seems to have at some point.

Purple and green. Sigh. Lovely.

Anonymous said...
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