Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Works in Progress

At the moment I think I'm being very restrained. I'm only working on two projects at the moment.

Usually my knitting WiPs fall into categories - I like to have a couple of things on the go at all times so there is always something to work on that suits my knitting mood (yes I have knitting moods!) and knitting situation (kids asleep or kids annoying me every few rows).

At the risk of sounding incredibly geeky, on the go I usually like to have at least one of each of the following:

- A BIG project - something with a pattern, requires some concentration, the stakes are higher as are expectations (and usually cost of course)

- A Knitting in the Dark project - I dont usually knit in the dark but I have seen people refer to their WiPs in this way. They are the easy ones where you might not need a pattern, something that you can pull out anytime and work a few rows. Mine are usually on small circulars so they transport easily and I can pull out if I am stuck waiting somewhere. Perfect for TV watching or for taking to knitting nights where there is a lot of chatting while knitting.

- Swaps and Gifts - I usually always have one of these on the go too. They are usually not really difficult but because they are for others there is a certain level of responsibility and care required. I also usually stress myself out with these ones angsting about whether said gift is liked/fits/useful/appreciated.

Other "categories" include:

- Instant Gratification- usually straight after finishing a BIG thing I like to do something that is done and dusted in just one night. Baby knits, dishcloths that sort of thing. Quick and painless where the most important thing is an FO right NOW

- Long term - not really my thing but you know sometimes you have a BIG thing that is also going to take a LONG time. Baby blankets or a shawl or something like that. Do a bit here and there but its going to be a long term investment

- What was a I thinking? - I think we all have one of those from time to time

-Just had to. Not planned but one that jumps the queue because you just couldn't resist the CO call

Have I missed a category?

So, at the moment I am knitting:

Knitting in the Dark
A cowl for my friend in London who is heading into Winter. Its just plain stocking stitch in the round. Easy, a bit boring but perfect for taking to my knitting nights where there is a lot of chatting. Her birthday is December so there is also no pressure with this one, just a few rows here and there when I need some mindless knitting.

BIG project.
My FLS. Its coming along. I will take some WiP pics today and show you tomorrow.

I've also "un-hibernated" M's baby blanket with the intention of giving it to her for Christmas. I have 10 plain black (ugh) squares to knit over the next 2 months. I won't call it a WiP just yet because so far all I've done is pull it out and revise my plans to a smaller sizes blanket in the hopes I might actually finish it before she turns 21. So, a long term to be finished over the short term (I hope).

Are you a one project knitter? Or like me knit-monogamy is not your thing? Care to fess up how many you have on the go?


Sharonnz said...

Funny - I was pondering this earlier today as I resisted casting on another project. I like to have two on the go - a knit-in-the-dark and a bigger item. My FLS is my bigger item and I need to hunt down a knit-in-the-dark. I just officially hibernated one project so I'm "allowed" to do some out of my new book;-)

Judy said...

I'm usually a one at a time kinda girl. Though it has gotten worse lately; I think I have 3 unfinished on the needles (or hook) for various reasons...

Georgie said...

I am unashamedly project-polygamous, and currently even bi-craftually polygamous!

I usually have similar to you - a Big project, Easy project, one or two Failure to Resists, and anywhere up to a dozen in hibernation, which I periodically cull or re-activate. Right now I'm recently(ish) post-cull and have 2 Bigs, one Easy and about 4 in hibernation or on the back-burner. Pretty good for me!

Alana said...

I tend to only stick to a few knitting projects at a time. Any more than 4 stresses me out extremely. I dont catagorize my knitting projects really, even though I think thats an excellent idea! I tend to just cast on based on what I need next... like...hmmm... Ava needs a little hat for winter or now I have to cast on for that sweater that I want for that upcoming occasion. That's my method, it seems to work out well for me. I always want to cast on a million different projects but dont let myself. If I have too many projects going I feel cluttered and anxious. Wierd huh? :)

Heart Felt said...

Sounds too stressful to me, I'm a one project at the time person...good luck! xx

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I wish I had the dedication to just work on one thing at a time. I have usually one long-term blanket, a sweater, and something small like socks, or gloves, if a birthday comes up then a gift can jump the queue.

I love all your categories!!

Amy said...

I love the idea of being project monogamous but haven't the concentration span for it. Your categories had me chuckling.

Rose Red said...

I wish I could be monogamous. I think right now I've got 15 wips. Five of which I'm seriously working on. Oh dear.

Margo said...

I haven't got much on the go myself - but you prompted a blog post I've been meaning to do myself, so thankyou!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm like you - my knitting falls into groups. I always have 1 lace project going; 1 instant grantification going; and one more fitted garment going. Oh yeah, I also always have a pair of socks going.

I try and keep a stash of a few projects ahead of me - because the worst is to run out of yarn in a certain category :(