Friday, October 17, 2008

Books and books and books

A little unscheduled blogging break there but I'm back now and flu free (well, on the mend at least)

My mother was a librarian so I guess growing up with a love for books was inevitable. Sadly since having kids 2 and 3 my appetite for books has dwindled from several a week to several a year. One thing I definitely miss from my Before The Kids days... but I know in a few years I'll be able to get back to it. For now, I indulge in reading knitting books instead of novels.

My latest library haul
Library Haul
Some absolute gems there. Not at all helping my already out of control Ravelry queue! Also nabbed a copy of Handknit Holidays which a couple of people recommended when I was asking about a knitting book to treat myself to so will be great to have a look through.

My very impressive stack of books from the school fundraising garage sale this weekend. Not sure when these will get read but some nice additions to my book collection. Three (!) Barbara Erskine books (my favourite author) plus a brand new looking copy of Gordon Ramsay's Playing with Fire (I have a little crush)
Books for me

Ones for the kids too! Some great finds including A Dark Dark Tale by Ruth Brown which the kids love to read at Nans, very cool to have our own copy now.

Kids books 1

And another haul, this time from our playcentre garage sale (yes it's been a book thrifting weekend bonanza)
Kids books 2

And finally, the one I will cherish the most. Darling M6 spent her own money to buy me this one she spotted and thought I would like. What a sweet girl (she also bought a little toy each for N3 and M1).
Designer Knits

You can never have enough books :D


nova_j said...

shoot i think i might've just got rid of some Erskine's! i'll keep an eye out for any that might be left ;)

Anonymous said...

hm think distance voices was short stories didn't enjoy them as much, but they other 2 thumbs up as always! :P I have the new one here now lol but new baby means about 2 pages have been read lol

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I think two favorite weekend for me would be knitting by a fire after playing in the snow or book thrifting and browsing bookstores. How fun for you!! Let us know which knitting books you recommend. I'm off to amazon to look up your favorite author :).

Margo said...

Somehow it's comforting that other mums go from voracious readers to barely at all when kids arrive, too. And, randomly, I own "So to bed..." if you ever want a pattern.... ;-)

Georgie said...

I've said it before - you are so very luky to ahve such good knitting books at your library! I'd love to hear how the Lucinda Guy ones are, been eyeing them off for ages.

Im miss the reading I could BTK too. I still optimistically borrow half-a-dozen novels from the library and usually return at least 4 unread....

sweetp said...

Neak - I had to send the Warriors Princess back to the library..unread :( Will get it out again sometime..just never had a chance

Georgie..The Lucinda Guy ones are lovely, I don't personally like the illustrations but there are some cute things. I think I prefer Designs for Kids (but they are mostly 2yo and up)- lots of picture knitting which I like and a couple of cute toys - I also like . Nursery Knits is also pretty cute although I think I like her other book Adorable Knits for Tots (or something like that)

One day I WILL read novels again lol

Diane said...

You are so lucky that your library has good knitting books! I love to read, and seeing all those books you got just made me very happy for you!