Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A cure for cold feet


Pattern from Ysolda (its only free for the next few days so go download a copy from Ravelry now :D )

Yarn from my yarn swap fairy
"Mavis". Hand dyed felted merino which was lovely to knit with, the colours are so deep and just gorgeous. Thanks so much!!!

The knitted fabric isn't particularly robust so I wouldn't call these slippers - I just wanted some little slip ons for my cold feet while I sit on the couch in the evenings to knit. These fit the bill nicely.


Three little girls watching the foot photography also wanted a turn. So some more "footraits"



Embejo said...

Oh Crikey, how cute are baby feet!

Rose Red said...

Like the footraits! Very cute!

My feet are cold right now - wonder if I could whip up a pair of those slipper thingys in the next half hour...heh!

Fresh Tea : said...

I love those little toes!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

These look fab and cozy! I know what you mean, though, about needing a more durable surface to be a "slipper" - I like them felted best. But "couch" slippers are very nice to have too!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love, love, love the slippers! Thanks for the tip about the pattern I just went and downloaded it...another knit for my never ending queue :).

Margo said...

I love your photography of the slippers - I suck at photographing things on my feet. Also love the footraits... specially M's ;-)

lucky knitter said...

Thanks for the pattern info. They look great! Those footraits (love that word) are so cute.

amanda said...

I can see a few pairs of these in Lily's future. They're very 'Lily'!