Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yarn Swap Time Again

The last one was so fun! Luckily for us Kelly was kind enough to organise another themed yarn swap.

My person
was left waiting on the previous swap so I sent my package off early so she was first to receive this time around. She spent some of her childhood in Zaire and Zambia so the theme I did for her was "I dreamed of Africa"

This swap had us send - hand dyed yarn, a pattern, a little gift of about $10 and a piece of 'paperwork' (e.g a recipe, a hand made card, a poem or verse etc) - with everything fitting under a 'theme' of our choosing.

So this is what I sent....


* 200g of hand dyed yarn. Colourway African Sunset. I dyed this skein yellow with Wilton's cake gel using the microwave method. Then used the 'chuck it all in a bit pot' method with red food colouring to get subtle orange and red variegations.

* "I dreamed of Africa" sock pattern. Perfect for the theme but not for the yarn, so I also sent the Elefante pattern (since there are elephants in Africa you know) which she's already started with this yarn and I can't wait to see!

* My little gifts were some little things I found at our local Trade Aid shop - a little finger piano made in Tanzania, some Rooibus tea from South Africa, some fair trade chocolate.

* I also got some fair trade beads while I was there and made some stitch markers for her that suit the colour of the yarn

And finally my 'paperwork' was a poem I wrote and a recipe for Congo Chicken soup (which sounds yum and might try myself some time)

I really enjoyed this swap, last time I found it harder to figure out what to do but this theme came immediately and all the pieces just fell into place. She seemed to like it too and that's the bit that makes it most enjoyable. You can read her blog post here. I think her photo of the yarn is better than mine

Can't wait for mine now!


Rose Red said...

What a fabulous swap and a great theme. Fantastic goodies and I love the colour of the yarn and the stitch markers.

Jenny said...

I love the yarn!! Wow, I want to start some of my own. But don't even know how to start to dye.

How did you make the stitch markers too? They are so pretty.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a great swap! Love the theme. And I want to try dyeing yarn now after I read and see your results. :)

amanda said...

You've excelled yourself with that theme! She'll love it!

kv said...

what a great package. love the stitch marker yarn combo!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I love using stitch markers that match the yarn - just makes a project that bit more pleasurable! Yours are really beautiful.

Razz said...

I did love it!!!! can't wait to have some kid free time to start on the body (have done the feet, cutest elephant feet i've ever seen :D )

it was so thoughtful and so perfect!!! thanks gabes :)