Saturday, October 4, 2008

Spring time fun and spring cleaning

School Holidays here at the moment. An extra one at home so things are busy and noisy but at the same time nice and relaxed without us having to rush in the mornings. So far the holidays have involved...

Exploring the garden - M6 has a fascination with snails at the moment and this morning she found this snail family (safely back in their bush now)
Snail Family

Also this week....
A trip to the beach
Sleep ins
Building cubby houses with the dining room chairs and big sheets
Trips to the library - currently reading aloud Pippi Longstocking - (more knitting books for me of course)
Baking for a cake stall
Morning tea picnics outside in the sun
Catching up with friends
Picking flowers
Rearranging bedroom furniture
Toybox tidying and finding all those 'new' toys
Not as much knitting as I had hoped!

I'm making progress on my rather long spring cleaning list though. A bit of warm weather and some sunshine does wonders in the motivation department. Today I had a sort out of my yarn stash. I frogged a pair of slippers I started for M1 that I'd run out of yarn for and I found an old "beginning" project and frogged it back too - it had been languishing so long in the bottom of the knitting box I'd completely forgotten about it. 150g of grape coloured Merino Fine 10ply (Naturally Yarns) now in my yarn box awaiting inspiration.
10ply Merino Fines

It feels great to have had a little sort out

I also spent some time looking through my pattern books and magazines lining up my next 2 projects...Christmas presents for two new babies who joined our family this year. Both from Debbie Bliss's Special Knits - a cardigan for niece S. I bought quite a bit of Merino 8ply from Spotlight that I think should knit up like sport weight so I've chosen patterns that use baby cashmerino.

Fairaisle top for S

an argyle vest for new nephew K...

argyle vest for K

I love the look of the argyle and have never tried it before - I love projects where I learn something new.


Libby said...

Aren't school holidays cool?! I love the snail photo, my two are busy training their pet lambs & calf for pet day in term 4 - so lots to be done!
I think the baby cashmerino is a 5ply - so you might want to check your gauge if using a DK - could end up a bit big in the wrong direction.

Bells said...

OMG. that photo. You know, I'll eat snails but the idea of them actually alive makes me gag. Slimy, awful things don't belong on skin!! Your daughter is brave.

That blue yarn is gorgeous! Although I admit having trouble getting past the snails.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love the picture of the snail family - how unusual to find a whole family like that.

It's odd to hear you talk about Spring when we are preparing for Fall. Sounds like you have a fantastic week planned!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

My daughter would LOVE those snails :). Looking forward to see how your little knits turn cute!

Georgie said...

Im all nostalgic for school hols (heh, ask me in 2 more years!!) - sheet and chair cubbies, rearranging bedrooms, library trips all featured highly in ours!

And I think that Naturally might just be the *perfect* purple. Love it.

hanna said...

Liam is fascinated with snails at the moment too. He collects them up in flower pots. They keep trying to escape so he always keeps one eye on them.

sweetp said...

I thought the snail pic might get a few comments lol. I dont really like them myself but as long as she keeps them outside...

Rose Red said...

gick! snails! gick!

I'm glad you are trying the argyle - I made that pattern but not the argyle bit!! too scared (which is just silly!)

Little Grubs said...

Snail pic is awesome! Mine would squash in about 2 seconds!!! x

Anonymous said...

Wow - the snail photo is amazing! I would have freaked out (still would, actually) if I had a snail climbing up my arm! Good for her!