Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Lady and I

The Lady and I have not really 'hit it off' and although much progress has been made it has been a bit of a slog. Currently I am at the 'not really happy with it but hoping as an FO it will grow on me' stage. Knitting this has definitely had its moments.

There's the bit where my buttonholes look like a dogs breakfast even though I followed the instructions AND put them evenly spaced, they still look a bit dodgy. When its buttoned up it won't be obvious (or so I keep telling myself).

There was also the part where I had to frog it back and redo a few rows - including the part where you separate the sleeves - let me tell you that was NOT fun!

And there is the bit (I've only just noticed) where my lace goes a bit wonky for a repeat (or two?). Its at the top of the lace section (of course). Ripping it back is not an option because if I did that there would be no way I would ever cast on for this again. The only thing that is keeping me at it, is that I've managed to get more than halfway through after a week, and so although a bit tedious, it is coming along quite quick. I checked my (obvious to me) mistake out with my non knitting DH and he laughed and assured me it really isn't obvious. So I'll leave it I think and just never wear this in front of my knitting friends who might want to check it out up close!

Sometimes I must remind myself that most people do not knit and are not going to realise your gull lace is wrong for a repeat.
And me, well you should know by now, I can live with a little mistake or 2.

The Gull Lace pattern is hideous in the extreme. When I read this I knew things were not looking good. I don't find the pattern intuitive and every few lacey rows I have to tink back to a mistake. It just doesnt seem to gel with me for some reason. I'm hoping the sleeves (in the round so no purling) might go a bit faster

Anyway heres the progress shot. Few more good slogs at this and I'll be done I think. I'll reserve my final judgement till then

February Lady Sweater

Here's a pic of the garter stitch bodice. This one's a good one of the colour.
Bodice, garter stitch

And one of the dreaded gull lace. Outside I couldn't get the camera to show the lace very well so although this one is quite dark and dull the lacey pattern shows up a bit better I think
Gull lace

I've been looking at other February Lady Sweaters on Ravelry and I'm also thinking that perhaps I haven't been purling my YOs correctly as my lace 'holes' don't seem to be as obvious. Either that or I am just looking too hard for something else wrong with this cursed sweater


Melissa said...

That same lace pattern is in the Gatsby Girl Pullover I made, and it gave me fits. I also found it to be hard to read and not intuitive. For this reason, I don't think I'll ever make a February Lady or Baby Sweater without changing the lace.

Judy said...

Yeah, I've done the baby version and had to put in stitch markers every 2 repeats so that I could keep track. I thought it was just because it was one of my first laces - nice to know others have similar problems.

Sharonnz said...

I'll try to get a pic of mine up later today. I'm not minding the gull lace...I have put stitch markers right through to make sure I get it right. I'm just not lovin' the acrylic yarn sticking on my Denises making me have to drag it along, lol.

amanda said...

Oh dear. This is turning into a knitting nightmare for you isn't it? Well done for sticking with it though!

Julie said...

Hmmm I really love the look of this sweater, but I have to say that if you are finding it a drag then I would find it impossible!!! So far it looks good to me, looking forward to seeing it finished. Good luck.... X

Rose Red said...

Mine has been a bit of a slog too - I find the gull stitch a bit of a pain, but I did some last weekend and I think I finally got the hang of it - but I don't think I'll be working on it much now until autumn!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting reading what you say about this - so many people have raved so much about it. I've resisted making one so far, but have recently been considering it, just because it seems to look great on everybody. Hmm, I think I'll wait and see how you get on now!

Bells said...

so glad it wasn't just me! Isn't it odd that something as basic as a four row repeat, with every second row plain, is just so very awful to do?

It's a lovely colour though.

Margo said...

I really love the colour regardless! ;-)

lucky knitter said...

Oh no, that is too bad. The color is so pretty!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

It's very true that most of the time nobody notices your mistakes in knitting. It looks good from here if that is any consolation :)

Jenny said...

Hang in there, usually the ones that are the trickiest, end up being the most beautiful. It looks wonderful in the picture and no one ever notices the mistakes.

sweetp said...

Judy..st markers is so wonderfully obvious. Why didnt I think of that??