Saturday, January 19, 2008

Special Knits

As a birthday present to myself I bought a copy of Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. For my birthday last year. And its taken till now for me to finally knit something from it (my birthday *this* year was last week)!! I got given some wool by the lovely kb and there was 2 balls of a lovely chocolate brown fine merino. I decided to do something for M5mths and thought that, because it was quite a fine wool, it would substitute for the babycashmerino (which is a spendy wool and kind of like a 5ply) that lots of Debbie's baby knits are made from. The trouble with books like Special Knits is that they always use specialised yarns which are hard to get here, or very spendy if you can find them. For once in my life I actually did a guage test and was pretty pleased to find I only needed a slight needle size difference to get it correct. After much ooohing and aahhing over the lovely patterns I decided to do the eyelet vest. We live in a warm muggy climate and I don't think my kids are going to need lots of woollies this winter. The vest was a perfect choice - should be great in autumn and in winter with long sleeves
I made the 6-12mth size but TBH its a little short on M5mths. I wish I had made it longer but I would have run out of wool if I had. Otherwise the fit is good and hopefully she wont grow too much more before it cools down and will get to wear it

It looks great with pink ribbon tie and pink button. I think chocolate and pink is so nice for girls

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Gypsy said...

That is so gorgeous - I am totally in love with it! Have ordered the book from the library, hopefully it won't take long for it to arrive! Love looking at your knitting - so inspirational!