Monday, January 21, 2008

Nappies and Knitting

I used to knit when I was about 11 and 12. I knit a couple of big fluffy jumpers for myself on huge coloured plastic needles (10mm??). Then in my teenage years knitting mustn't have been cool - I dont remember knitting at all during high school. When M5 was little (before N2 was born) we went and stayed with Mum and decided to have a go again. And I was hooked. Just like that. I started off with some bootees (rabbit ones no less), then a baby cardy, then progressed to knitting stuff for M5 - a poncho (size 2 or 3 I think it was...still fits her now at a size7....let's just say my newbie tension wasn't so great) and a frilled edge wrap cardigan(which again fit her for years and years) from Debbie Bliss' Baby Style book. Then one night I sat down and made another pair of bootees. And what do you know the next day I found out I was pregnant with DD2. I knitted bits and pieces of small and cute baby items while i was pregnant. Then when she was about 6months I discovered modern cloth nappies (mcn) and this site. Which has pretty much changed my life really. As well as giving me a ton of information about modern cloth nappies there is a strong natural parenting tone which suits the way I parent. Lots of stimulating conversations, great information about eco alternatives, parenting (every which way)and life in general. And lots of amazing strong generous and caring women, many who have become great friends (lots online and now some IRL ).
And knitting?
Knitting? on a nappy site? Yip!!
You see wool makes for great nappy covers. Probably our grandparents knew this well. Then with disposables I guess woolly overpants weren't the done thing anymore. However there is a strong cloth movement in NZ and around the world with many parents choosing reusable nappies. And there's *this thing* about woolly over-nappies. People love them. They work great. Look fab.
Wool absorbs moisture but because of the fibres in wool it also breathes so when your baby has a wet nappy underneath they stay warm.

So wool over pants like knickers are called soakers. They look like this:

Wool pants are called longies (from long johns???)

In a summer you shorten the legs to make shorties like this:

So 2 of our DDs are in cloth nappies so lots of my knitting is nappy related. I also sell some of these here

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