Thursday, January 24, 2008

Something pretty for me

None of my knitting is ever for me. Partly because I like to do small quick things and baby sized stuff...the thought of making an adult sized sweater is just well...a tad daunting. Partly because all I can do crafty-wise is knit so in terms of making gifts its only knitted for me. I love gifting my knitting.

So I decided "I" needed something made by me! And here it is...

A knitted bracelet thingy. Called Perdita (from the awesome Knitty again). I omited the beads because the cotton was variagated anyway, thought it would be a bit much with beads as well.


And on....

TBH Im not sure if I will ever actually wear it but it was fun to make. Quick and not to difficult (my kind of knitting). Its very pretty, I'm really pleased with it.

I used 2.25mm needles (very skinny) as the cotton was DMC? (lost the ball band ages ago) embroidery weight stuff. I don't usually do lacy sort of patterns so it was a nice change to do something like this.

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