Friday, January 25, 2008

Gabes Knitting Aims for 08

Thought I would write this here. Then I *might* actually be motivated enough to try and complete the list . If I remember at the end of the year I can look back to see how I did.

My list is just about developing my skill set a bit more. I have been doing tons of the same things for ages. 08 is my year to do less of that and more of the other stuff. I am really confident with intarsia and fairaisle, so now i would like to do more with fancy stitches and things like that.

First up. CROCHET. Ok, never thought I would have learning to crochet as an aim in life. LOL. But I really want to learn. Not so I can make kitsch crocheted peggy squares but for finishing and possibly the odd crocheted dishcloth or something. I think it would be a handy skill to have for the odd pattern that calls for a crochet edge, cast on or something else. I am in the process (Ok, lets be honest for a moment....should be in the process of ) knitting a baby blanket for M5mths. At the rate it is going (currently hibernating) she won't be a baby when I get it finished. Its made of 20cmx20cm squares and I am wondering how the hang I am going to join them altogether. So hopefully crochet will save the day there. Also for finishing/edging once I get them altogether. I have a hook. I have some magazines with pictures. Think I need a quiet night and youtube.....

CABLES Were in the too hard basket for a long time but now I am done with Fetching I think I might try something a bit more involved. They are much much much easier than I thought they would be!! Have a couple of cabled hats queued on R.

FELTING Just never have got around to doing a felting project. Have wool for Booga Bag. Really should just get on with it I guess

Circular Knitting.
I find DPNs slow and hard going. Circular needles are Ok. Its not really an aim I guess. I just need to stop being scared of patterns that say they are knit in the round. Currently trying to cast on for the pinwheel sweater. And there is this hat pattern I thought I might try.

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