Saturday, January 19, 2008


I got brave. I got some DPNs. I don't want to knit socks or anything like that but I do want to make this pinwheel sweater. Its knit in the round which I dont usually do. So will be quite a change. Like I said we live in a warm climate so this project will be more about the making than the wearing.
So far I have bought some wool for the sweater. And decided I needed to do a couple of projects on DPNs before attempting the actual jeresy.
So I made this

Its a cozy for my sister for her Ipod player, or her cellphone. She didnt give me measurements for her player so I just made it up but apparently it fits well so I must have guestimated good! I used this pattern from AnnyPurls for inspiration and did a few modifications. The flowers is from this pattern and is actually the button/closure. I am pretty pleased how my DPN attempt went and the colours are so girly and bright I think it looks lovely. B loves it.



Frou Frou Tutus said...

So have you started the Pinwheel?? Maybe I should cast on mine and you can help me along the way :D

what colours are you doing :D


sweetp said...

Its going very slowly and painfully so far. sigh.