Monday, January 21, 2008


SABLE = Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy or something like that anyway.

I have a modest woolly stash. But now I think I have progressed to stage 2 in my self developed yarn stash progression.

Stage 1 is when you are a newbie knitter and you think of a PROJECT and THEN go get the yarn for it. Generally you don't "have" a stash, you just have the wool you are working with and maybe a bit more that is specifically earmarked for a future project.

Stage 2 is where I am. I now have a stash. Modest. But still...way way way more wool than I ever thought I would own. I started out with a small knitting box. It held all my needles and wool and patterns. Sufficient for a newbie knitter. Then suddenly, the box wasnt big enough (oops) so I got a new box. Lovely dark sea grass so it could sit in the lounge without looking out of place. Then suddenly, I don't know how (well I do really) it wasn't big enough. I had yarn all over the place , in bags in the wardrobe and all over the lounge (much to DH's annoyance). Now the seagrass box is in my bedroom full of patterns , hibernating projects and a bag of scraps/1 balls/bits and pieces. My yarn is now in a big (ok its huge) plastic box (with wheels for easier maneuvering) in my wardrobe. Its full (oops). Still its a pretty modest stash in the scheme of things. I know *some people* eh Nova? are working out how many miles they have. Soooooo not going there!!
My Mum always had a big stash. I could never really understand *why* - so much wool, no real hope of knitting it. Mum....I get it now :)

Stage 3 - Stage 3 is when, well you have SABLE. More wool than you could ever hope to knit in a lifetime. CG speaks of someone with a whole nother room *just* for wool. Wow HOW cool would that be?

Ok...and this woman is in her league of her own. DO click on the link . Its the most amazing eyepopping stash ever.


nova_j said...

*razz* ;-P

it's only cos i am still, and forever aiming to be, in phase 1! lol

sweetp said...

Lol. Yeah right. ;)