Sunday, January 27, 2008


I was telling Flea (who is the lady to see if you are after totally awesome little girl dress ups!!) that I was having so much trouble with my pinwheel sweater. Sigh. Casting and frogging about a million times. You start with just 8st and I was really finding working with so few stitches and DPNs really difficult. I knew when it got bigger and onto circular needles I would be fine. I had another go yesterday while spending the afternoon on the couch watching the cricket. And WOOHOO!! I got it going. No idea why it worked this time. Perhaps because I used a different colour/ball of wool? Who knows?

So it starts like this on DPN's

Every row you add in yo's (makes the holes) so on the next round there is extra stitches. So your circle gets bigger and bigger. Eventually you can swap to circs. This is a 30cm

And when it gets too big again, swap up another size circ ( this is a size 80cm)

Its looks really neat and is actually really easy. Every 2nd row you do some yo's otherwise its just knitting round and round and round

I am up to the tricky sleeve part now....stay tuned

P.S see the pretty stitch marker? Made by the ultra clever Neak


Sharonnz said...

Love the colours you've chosen for it. (And look at your clever progress bars over on the right there!)

sweetp said...

The progress bars are neat huh? Everyone can get them now for their blogs. There is a thread with all the directions (main R board) and then you just cut and paste the code....easy peasy :) Ravelry is the coolest!!

Maria57 said...

Pinwheel so far is pretty impressive. Like the fetchingly fetching too. What a clever daughter! Inspiring me to do more interesting things.

sweetp said...

awww thanks mum.