Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pinwheel Update : A better armhole

So.... the tricky sleeve part. There is a Ravelry group for "pinwheel support " so I read there about a better way to do the armhole. The pattern says this (for making armholes)

"Next Round: knit the first set of 18 stitches and the yo from the round before, place the second set of 18 stitches on a holder, join a new ball of yarn and cast on 18 stitches using a provisional cast on - see below for provisional cast on instructions (this will be the sleeve later), join yarn and continue knitting 4 more sets of 18 stitches plus the yo's from the previous round, slip the next 18 stitches on a holder, join yarn and cast on 18 stitches using a provisional cast on, knit the last 18 stitches and yo from the previous round."

What the???

I found instructions for a better armhole here. So that's what I did. The technique is called 'after heel' and other people have used it and apparently its much better than the provisional cast on (which is what I used for the cups on the Katja and they didnt turn out so great). The after heel approach is the same as how you do the thumb hole in the Fetching gloves - you knit with a contrasting waste yarn then later unravel it to give you 'live' stitches.

My waste yarn is the bright pink


I'm currently knitting round 61 in colour 7. I reckon I need to get to 80 rounds to get the right size circle so about 20 rounds to go. Which doesnt sound much BUT theres about 240stitches on the needles now!!! So its going to be pretty slow going from here. and b.o.r.i.n.g I think. No more yo's just knit and purl rounds to give a garter stitch border. I am wondering if it would be wise to take up the suggestion of doing an arm when I get tired of the round and round just for a change.
Anyhoo...heres where its at :)

The needles are too small now so it doesnt like nice and flat for now. I think the colours are nice , pink and girlie without being too over the top pink and girlie



Alyssa said...

Thanks for the better arm hole reference. I had been pulling my hair out for a couple hours trying to figure out the pattern's instructions. I even had my mother trying to figure it out and talk me through it on the phone. The reference you provided made perfect sense and was easy and accomplishes the same thing. Thank you for my pinwheel sweater sanity.

sweetp said...

Cool! I am so glad you found the link useful! GOod luck with the rest of your sweater :)uv