Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lets start with some summer knits

I used to think that knitting was all about wool. And then thanks to knitting gurus on the nappy network I discovered there was knitting in cotton too! Cotton is perfect for summery knits...also good for dishcloths but we'll leave that for another post. Anyway cotton.....I was lucky enough to be gifted a huge ball of pink cotton by my lovely Xmas swap fairy. Its from Bendigo Wollen Mills in Australia and I was so stoked to receive it as I had been thinking about doing a summer sunhat for DD. I found a pattern but it was crochet. Just about every hat I found that was remotely summery was crochet. Which is cool if you crochet. Except I don't . Yet (its on my to do list!). Then thanks to the wonderful google I happened across this pattern. And it was free! And by Debbie Bliss. Who I adore! So I was pretty pleased. The pattern was 1-2 year, and although DD is pretty big she's not *that* big so I did end up altering it just a little bit. Half an inch less length and a less rows in the brim. And here it is....a perfectly summer sunhat.....knitting isn't just for winter~


kym said...

I love knitting in cotton.

The hat is very pretty. :)

sweetp said...

I like cotton too except it has stretched a little bit which is a bit disappointing. I was pretty pleased to find the pattern online