Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Round and round and round

Another DPN project!! I am getting brave huh? Actually this Fetching take2 . My first one suffered from a case of not reading the pattern properly so I frogged it. So Take2 is much better. This is yarn I bought especially for it . Taieri PLains 12ply I found at our local sewing centre, for only $3.99/50g which is a nice price. I am making these for a dear friend in London. Her birthday is Xmas Eve so I am running a bit late. I also need to move it as it will be warming up there soon and might get too warm for wristy warmers. Anyway all went well. The DPNs weren't too bad once you get going. THis is also my first ever cable project. OMG they are easy (well this simple one was). Might try something else cabled soon.


The pattern said one skein was enough. The wool I bought doesnt have yardage on it so I hoped one would be enough. But of course it wasnt. So glove #2 is on hold till I get another ball. Grrr hate it when that happens.

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