Friday, March 14, 2008


Hooray. Found my camera. Phew phew phew. Silly Mummy. (and here I was blaming miss 2 ...oops).

So I loaded up pics of the FO for my auntie. So if you are nosey you can check it out here. I will post pics of it on here once she's received it :) I am making part2 of it ATM now.

I feel like I haven't been doing lots of knitting lately. But I have been busy

In the past week I have needed to have a sort out of my stash and there were so many hanks sitting there, taking up lots of room. So I got motivated to wind them all. The Wool Company are changing some of their multi colours soon so I ordered some before they sold out of some colourways and because I am a good DD I ordered some for my Mum at the same time and wound hers too (so not all the wool in the pic is mine!!!! ) . I can't wait to see what new colours they will be releasing this winter.

(Wool in the row L to R..... Wool Company Seaweed , JJ's montage 8ply, WC Flamingo, WC Opal. Bottom row L to R.... WC Orchard, my hand dyed pink/purple, WC Watermelon, WC amber)

Things I learnt

- I don't really enjoy winding wool
- It is best to do this task when all small children are in bed
- Not all hanks are created equal, some wind really easily and others are a PITA and will have you cursing and wanting to throw the whole thing in the bin
-When your wool is wound in skeins it is much more appealing and you will want to plan a WIP or cast on with all of it all at once
-I will never wind 2kg of wool in one go ever again!! (10 x 200g hanks)
- I need a swift

All done now though. My wool box is looking nice and tidy and Mum has woolly mail on the way. Now I can plan some WIPS with the wool I was putting off knitting with because it needed wound.


Sonia said...

Your yarn looks so beautiful and neat all wound up! You really do need a swift though...didn't you know it's a required piece of equipment for every knitter? : )

Diane said...

Beautiful yarn!

So, where was your camera?

Sharonnz said...

Miss 8 is standing behind me: "Oh, that's Watermelon. A3 has longies out of that one there (Seaweed). Oh, you've just knitted with that pastel one (Opal)! Hehehe...she's in stash training.

sweetp said...

I'm not telling where I found my camera because it's a bit embarrassing.:P
Way to go Miss8, you're training her up well Sharon!! Have you taught her to knit yet? I would like to teach M5 but she is a lefty (and I am not the homeschooling patient type lol)